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  • The History of England’s Masquerade Essay

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    The History of England’s Masquerade The masquerade played a large part in the ideas and themes of England during the eighteenth century. Its popularity spanned most of the century, bringing together people of all classes, from the highest nobleman to the lowest commoner. Masquerades were a firmly established part of city life in England by the 1720's. Most masquerades were held in buildings especially designed for them, such as the Haymarket, the Soho, or the Pantheon. During the early part

  • Women In Fantomina

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    TITLE Fantomina, written by Eliza Haywood in 1725, elicits revolutionary topics calling into question the woman’s role in patriarchal societies and their lack of sexual freedom. Distinguished in the genre of amatory fiction, Haywood covers the transformation of the eighteenth century protagonist, from a “young lady of distinguished birth” (Haywood 632), to a series of different persona’s, including a prostitute, maid, widow, and an anonymous woman, in Fantomina. The reader is constantly aware of

  • I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

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    Markus Zusak’s I Am the Messenger Many issues can influence the development of an author’s novel. Maybe the author wants to focus on historical matters, and place historical references into their novel. Maybe social concerns are the topic in their novel. Or maybe the author intends for their novel to be a political work. Regardless of what sort of influence they consider placing into their novel, all authors do tend to allow one thing to influence their writing, their own personalities and personal