Drive-by shootings

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  • Reflection Of Education In High School

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    almost all know somebody that has been killed by gang violence. The Latinos hate the Cambodians who hate the blacks and so on. The only person the students hate more is Ms. Gruwell. It isn't until Erin holds an illegal discussion about a recent drive-by shooting death that she fully begins to understand what she's up against. And it isn't until she provides an assignment of writing a daily journal - which will be not graded, and will remain unread by her unless they so choose - that the students begin

  • Film Analysis - Analyze This Essay

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    begins with two gangsters leaving a café, discussing their plans to attend a meeting involving the countries major crime bosses. One gangster goes back in the café to get a toothpick and at the same time the other gangster is killed from a drive-by shooting. The movie’s plot is based upon the surviving gangster seeking out a psychiatrist to help with his emotional

  • The Little Mermaid Analysis

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    Fairy tales often resemble what culture was like during the time in which they were written. They tell us the story of women’s struggle and survival throughout history, in societies with rules dictated by men. Whether it be surviving the torment of a wicked stepmother or the consequences of just being curious, one issue stays the same, the longing to escape the expectations that social norms impose is evident with just about any story. In this paper, I will compare the similarities and differences

  • On march 9th, 1997, the rapper Notorious Big was shot to death in LA during a drive by shooting. On

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    On march 9th, 1997, the rapper Notorious Big was shot to death in LA during a drive by shooting. On the day I was born, the price per gallon in gas was $1.46. Also during this time, the federal minimum wage was $5.05. The median family income around the time I was born was about $30,000 to $40,000. The most popular movie during the week of my birthday was Jungle 2 Jungle, released on March 7th 1997 and generating $59,925,026 altogether. On the day of march 9th, country wide, the temperature ranged

  • Essay On Mass Shooting

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    college, and even churches and having those two words engrained at the bottom, “Mass Shooting”. In just those two words dread stabs its way into our hearts. Soon the media interviews a bystander that witnessed the massacre. They describe how the blissful harmony of mundane life was broken by the abrupt thwack of lead as it glides through the air. The number of mass shootings has exponential increased. What drives a person to such an immoral act? Finding the irrational motivation behind this problem

  • Citizens Should NOT Be Allowed To Carry A Gun

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    There is many things that can be done to reduce the number of mass shootings. One thing that they could do is limited who can own a gun. Law enforcement should only be allowed to carry a gun while on duty. Citizens shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun. The only time citizens should be allowed to have a gun is while hunting. The government should have places set up by hunting areas for people to rent guns. Also, I think that everyone should get screened every five years for mental illnesses. If someone

  • Essay On Police Officer Shooting

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    As shootings involving officers and suspects continue to rise, it brings a huge concern out there for current officers and future officers. When law enforcement officers die in a shooting it not only affects their family but also the whole community and state as a whole. In society today officer deaths are still very high and it’s something we may never be able to control but it is something we definitely need to look at and try to control it. Nobody is going to want to join the field of law enforcement

  • Ferguson Shooting Research Paper

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    erupted amid peaceful demonstrations on Tuesday. On Monday, Ferguson was placed under a state of emergency as protesters marched on the streets to commemorate the first death anniversary of Michael Brown. The demonstrators are protesting the fatal shooting of unarmed black men by white police officers, according to The Globe and Mail. The state of emergency, which was declared by St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, gave county Police Chief Jon Belmar authority over police activities in the Ferguson

  • I Want Key Card Locks And Metal Detectors

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    the schools should bring in a Police Officer so the kids can be educated by a person who knows about safety and protection. This will give students a better knowledge of gun safely. Another, idea is to have a gun drive in the local community. The reason why we should have a gun drive so people could trade in their guns for money. The reason why this is important is because young kids are curious and adventures. They can find anything in the house even if the parent puts stuff in a safe place. I

  • Movie Gangs

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    the Crips gang are hanging out getting high together before they go out a commit a drive by shooting against their rival the Blood gang. The use of automatic weapons and shotguns and reckless behavior by the gangs show they are violent and careless. The Crips gang committed a drive by shooting and being chased by the police car. The gang’s careless and reckless actions are shown in the scene because they are shooting back at the police while being chased. The gang’s use of kids to transport drugs in