Drug treatment

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  • Drug Abuse Treatment

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    disorders. Pre-screen instruments include NIDA Drug Use Screening Tool; quick screen, CRAFFT Part A, AUDIT-C, and the Opioid Risk Tool. Full-screen instruments include the NIDA Drug Use Screening Tool. All of these instruments listed are recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) because of their ease of use, reliability, and validity (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2015). These instruments can aid in

  • Drug Treatment In Prisons

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    lowering recidivism rates, limiting prison populations and rehabilitating drug and alcohol addicts. This is because very few prisoners receive drug treatment in prison, and those who do receive inadequate treatment. Fortunately, there are a multitude of upcoming drug treatment techniques that have proven effective in treating addiction. As a result of refining drug treatment in American prisons, not only will more drug addicts overcome their addiction, but the prison population will be reduced

  • Effective Drug Treatment

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    There is no denying that drug abuse not only affects the addict but also his or her family and relationships. Drug treatment programs are intended to help the addicted individual overcome addiction to drugs and lead a healthy and productive life. The key benefit of a treatment program is that treatment can be provided in a safe and caring environment, taking care of the social, psychological, and medicinal needs of an individual. Therapists and psychologists work on different areas of the addict

  • Drug Treatment Essay

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    of abuse treatment program that you should enlist in, its important to note, that everyone has a unqie situation anad as such, the type of treatment faclity that you should partake in, should have a history of curtaling to ndvuals whwo have been in simalr crumctance. Each type of treatment faciliaty program has been desgned to curtal to ndvuals who have a varos shistory's of drug use. For example, people who have been using drugs for a limited about of years, would fit in a short teerm drug treatment

  • Drug Treatment: Lamotrigine

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    Drug Treatment: There are multiple different types of medications that have been used to help patients that face bipolar disorder, however the most popular of these medications is lamotrigine or also known as lamictal. Lamotrigine, a chemically produced drug, is within the class of anticonvulsants (drugs that are used for epileptic seizures), with its chemical name being 3,5-diamino-6-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)-as-triazine. Lamotrigine is described as white or a cream colored powder that can be induced

  • Drug Addiction Treatment

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    Addiction treatment problems are reaching even further out into society with new synthetic drugs that mimic marijuana, cocaine and many other illegal drugs. These new designer drugs are making users throughout the country very sick, causing seizures, hallucinations and even death. Preventive measures and treatment for these kinds of addictions cannot take place soon enough. These new designer drugs are sweeping the country as hospital admissions and reports to poison control centers dramatically

  • Treatment Programs For Drug Treatment Program

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    Treatment programs are defined exactly as the word states. It is a program designed to provide treatment to a probationer or parolee who needs it. There are a variety of treatment programs ranging from educational and recreational programs to drug treatment programs. When determining the type of treatment program an individual needs, it is imperative to consider them as a group. The program selected is just as vital as the individual for the reason that having that support and the long-term follow

  • Residential Drug Treatment

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    Residential drug treatment programs provide the drug addict/abuser with the necessary tools they need to combat their substance abuse addiction, enabling them to get back on the right path and live a productive, successful, and drug-free life. The length of residential drug treatment varies from one month to one year; therefore, the policy should specifically state the length requirement. If I were the new director of a residential drug treatment facility, the policies will be analyzed, reevaluated

  • The Pharmacological Treatments For Opiates, Drugs, And Drugs

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    effectiveness of the pharmacological treatments for opiates, nicotine, cocaine, and alcohol in relation to addiction relief and prevention will be critically evaluated. This will be accomplished through an investigation of the respective substances and their current treatment’s methods and levels of success, such as the use of Substitution Therapy, agonist and antagonist treatments, and preventative drugs. Furthermore, the generation of directions for future research and treatments will be performed, particularly

  • Drug Treatment For Adolescents And Adolescents

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    DRUG TREATMENT FOR ADOLESCENTS 2 ABSTRACT Youths in the United States are using drugs more than ever and even at a younger age than the past. Reaching out to these younger addicts can be complicated. There are several ways to approach substance abuse treatment for youths. School counselors and parents