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  • America's Economic Future

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    In discussion of America’s economic future, many believe that technological advances has the potential to ensure better secure jobs and the possibility to solve the economic inequality that America is facing. Recently, there has been data to prove that technological advances such as artificial intelligence may have the power to complete jobs with more accuracy and with less expense compared to a human completing the job, leading to the possibility that some jobs might not be secure to humans. In

  • The Future Economic Outlook for America

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    The Future Economic Outlook for America according to Federal Reserve Assessments Introduction Although business leaders may not have a crystal ball to help them plan for the future, they do have access to a wide range of Federal Reserve publications that can help identify recent and current trends and what these economists believe will take place in the coming months. Given the lingering effects of the Great Recession of 2008 on the American economy today, identifying the future economic outlook

  • The Hunger Games: The Economic Past And In The Future

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    Economics today and in the future consists of having product and needing product that you may not have but need to trade to receive. Our government and our well being solely depends on our trading and our growing and creating of goods to survive as a Civilization. If we don’t have distribution recurring we may have a serious lack in goods and services which would eventually lead to our government crashing. Economics today and for the years to come will be what makes our government grow and give it

  • Analyzing The Current And Future Economic Status Of Ohio

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    Analyzing the Current and Future Economic Status of Ohio Abdulaziz Musallam December 4, 2014 Analyzing the Current and Future Economic Status of Ohio This paper will start by tackling the economic situation in Ohio by defining the main terms which we will use from time to time in this economic analysis. We will define recession and depression in order to put these matters in the right perspective. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), recession is the period

  • Corporate Governance For A Future Economic Crisis Essay

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    -Can corporate governance prevent a future economic crisis. Ten years ago, corporate governance was still in the concept stage. There wasn’t a lot of information about corporate governance. After some big corporate failure that hit the economy, it has become obvious that corporate governance matters. After the collapse of Enron,Wordcom,..a new regulation was born (Sarbanes Oxley).The law was implement to increase transparency and to promote integrity and accuracy inside the companies. Unfortunately

  • The Economic Policy Guidelines Of The Future Of Rwanda Essay

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    In regards to the future of Rwanda, the next 20 years will allow a country which has made unprecedented growth since one of the largest humanitarian crisis in modern history, to move beyond poverty and civil war to a globally competitive export based industry. The nature of the reforms that have been established in the last 20 years have made for economic growth and political consolidation of crucial social mandates. These include the restructuring of Rwandan provinces that are more reflective

  • Pakistan: Recent Economic Developments and Future Prospects

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    PAKISTAN: RECENT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTS AND FUTURE PROSPECTS ISHRAT HUSAIN Most of the news emanating about Pakistan in the Western media relate to terrorism, bomb blasts, Islamic fundamentalism, nuclear non proliferation, military rule etc. Seldom does one see a positive story appearing about Pakistan’s remarkable economic turnaround. But the fact of the matter is that despite such negative image Pakistan is one of the favored destinations for foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment

  • India 's Economic Impact On The Future Of India

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    British policies had left on our economic , social and political life were still afresh and we would be haunted by those wounds long after we got independence. The transfer of power was not a single day event but a slow transition whose repercussions were to be felt long after. While India was reeling under large scale migration and communal riots across the countries, a very important and fierce debate among political and business leaders regarding economic future of India was also in process. It

  • Why Is Income Inequality an Important Issue for the Chinese Society and Its Future Economic Growth?

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    Why is income inequality an important issue for the Chinese society and its future economic growth? Introduction Nowadays, China has become the second largest economy in the world. The GDP (gross domestic product) of china was growing at 9.7% per year in average since 1978, which the year of Chinese “open door” politic founded. China also has become the biggest producer and consumer in many key agricultural and industrial markets and the largest FDI recipient among the developing countries. The

  • Economic Situation And Plans For Future Economic Growth

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    Current economic situation and plans for future economic growth (Tleu) High level of oil-dependency Azerbaijan is an oil-rich country whose gross national income per capita has increased approximately ten times since 2001. Economic growth has been driven by the exploration and development of oil and gas reserves, high levels of public expenditure, and state reforms to support a market-based economy. Despite significant growth, the economy of Azerbaijan remains largely dependent on the extraction