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  • The Statue Of Liberty At Ellis Island

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    pass it onto their children. This was often a struggle as their children attended American schools and picked up on the American culture ways quicker than their elder parents. Often these children, especially the teenagers, would struggle with embarrassment over the ways their family was different from other American families. One author who wrote about this struggle was Amy Tan. What readers appreciate about Amy

  • Persuasive Essay On Cheating

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    I learned from experience that you should never cheat on a test. If you get caught, the consequences are not always the best and it can cause great embarrassment if you are considered a “good, well-behaved student” by your peers and teachers. When you put your best foot forward and try to do the work without just copying the answers down to cheat off of, you will actually learn something. You would not need to rely on the cheat sheet you made or wanted to make. If you do cheat and get caught, take

  • Lord Of The Flies Identity Analysis

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    of mind. Jack is able to become a powerful figure on the island through the fearlessness and intimidation that embodies him when he hides his face behind a painted mask. When Jack is not hiding his true identity, he feels a great deal of embarrassment evident through his actions, and shows exactly how vulnerable he is when he flees the group crying: “His voice trailed off. The hands that held the conch shook… The humiliating tears were running from the corner of each eye” (Golding 127). Jack

  • My First Grade Science Class

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    Her name was Lucy. It was in the back right corner of our eighth grade science class. I was looking up and my teacher, Mr. Smith was looking back at me as he led his usual morning lesson. The floor had pale brown tiles and the old Oak desks arranged in three rows of five sets of two in each row. I knew everyone in the room, my friends and I did not sit near each other, but this girl I was close friends with sat right next to me. She had long brown hair and big brown eyes. I was thirteen and at the

  • The Story Of A Dreamer

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    at his sudden commentation. He knew I was coming? How did he know it was specifically me? “You have?” I asked meekly, my voice squeaked a bit in surprise which made me blush a furious red in embarrassment. The sound of his rubber-soled shoes tapping against the rocky floor snapped me out of my embarrassment and my cheeks returned to their usual pale color. He inched closer to me and smiled a toothy smile, and, as I noticed earlier, he was still carrying a dusty, brown, rectangular looking box that

  • A True War Story In Tim OBrien's The Things They Carried

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    “Only the dead have seen the end of war”-unknown. In Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, he tells us what a true war story is. Throughout chapter 7, he writes what he believes is a true war story. It’s through evil, disbelief, embarrassment, and hidden meanings in Mary Anne’s trip to Vietnam that we know what a true war story is. The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong is a perfect example of a true war story. In a war, nothing ever hangs onto the good; it always grabs on to the evil. Rat Kiley

  • The Unlikely Event Of A Water Landing

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    people do as an immediate reaction, especially when there’s a crowd of people present. “The Effect of Embarrassment on Helping Others,” written by Robert J. Edelmann. Edelmann has his view, he points out that depending on the situation people will help or possibly not help. Edelman refers to whether people might view the situation as “inappropriate,” to which it would lead to an “embarrassment.” It shouldn’t matter the type of situation if someone needs help, help should be offered and if accepted

  • My Experience With Customer Service Representatives

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    service representatives? Some have stood out for being unpleasant to me because of my inability to communicate with Native Americans fluently. Sadly, I’ve had so many of them that it will take a lot for any of them to stand out. Some parts of my embarrassments have been silly and unnecessary, and I regret being embarrassed. Sure, emotion is irrational, but no one else understands why I was embarrassed, it was probably a less clumsy situation than I thought it was. Being embarrassed about my accent is

  • Metaphors In Anne Bradstreet's The Author To Her Book

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    For example, the speaker begins with words such as “offspring” and “after birth” to liken the two relationships (1-2). She implies many complex feelings toward her books like a mother would toward her child. The speakers feels resentment and embarrassment when the book was “snatched by friends” and “exposed to public view” prior to her revisions (3-4). Because of all the flaws she believe the book possesses, she doesn’t want others to see as “errors weren’t lessened, all may judge” like a mother

  • Why Was The Experience Shameful For You?

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    Experience shame before Frequency Percent Failed to obtain a fulfilling personal ideal 76 31.4 Losing reputation 74 30.6 Embarrassment 43 17.8 Didn’t provide a response 35 14.5 A very shame in 14 5.8 Total Response 242 100.0 Tabel 4. Why would you feel ashamed at the time? The reason would be shameful Frequency Percent Not according to the expectations of themselves 139 48.3 Embarrassment events 63 21.9 Didn’t provide a response 32 11.1 Unintentionally breaking the norm 19 6.6 Breaking the norm 16 5.6