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  • A Member Of The Zygophyllaceae

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    A member of the Zygophyllaceae (caltrop) family, the creosote bush, Larrea tridentata, belongs to a flowering-plant family of more than 250 members worldwide, many of which are native to desert regions. Creosote bush is abundant in three of the four North American deserts, i.e. the Mojave, the Sonoran, and the Chihuahuan Deserts. In the United States, L. tridentata occurs in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. Most Agassiz’s desert tortoises, Gopherus agassizii

  • Amargosa Project Case Study

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    The Amargosa project is located in Nye County, Nevada—approximately 100 km northwest of Las Vegas (population ~600,000 people), 35 km northwest of Pahrump (population ~36,000 people), and at coordinates 570100 mE/ 4036200 mN (WGS84, Zone 11S). The project currently comprises 142 unpatented mining claims covering 1150 ha (2,840 acres ). Battery Mineral Resources (BMR), through sister company Resource Capital Gold Corp (RCG), entered into an option agreement with Lithium Assets Inc. to purchase an

  • The Amargosa Project

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    The project is located at an elevation of ~730 m above mean sea level and within the Basin and Range physiographic province (BR). The BR is composed of high relief mountains or foothills separated by low-lying valleys and salt flats. The salt flats of the Amargosa do not support plant life, but Phreatophytes (deeply rooted plants) occur on their edges and near the adjacent gravel-dominated alluvial fans. Iodine bush (Allenrolfea occidentalis) grows closet to the salt flats, while saltgrass (Distichlis