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  • Fall Prevention In The Elderly Essay

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    Quality Improvement for Fall Prevention in the Elderly The occurrence of falls among the elderly is related to multiple factors, such as inherent and external issues. Studies have proven that when appropriate intervention is put in place, falls are preventable. A quality improvement according to Polit & Beck (2012) is created to examine the willingness of individuals to understand these studies and put them into practice or to appraise the results of interventions already in place. This paper will

  • Falls Prevention Within The Older Adult Over The Age Of 55 And New And Alternative Interventions For Fall Prevention

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    paper will discuss falls prevention in the older adult over the age of 55 and new and alternative interventions for fall prevention compared to current practice. The desired outcome of the paper is to provide information for fall prevention and, therefore, decrease the occurrence of falls. First, in order to understand the importance falls have within the clinical setting, statistics showing the mortality, morbidity and financial impact should be understood. The occurrence of falls within the acute

  • Fall Prevention

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    Fall Prevention: A Workplace Overview According to Zhani (2015), the Joint Commission describes falls with serious injury as one of the top sentinel events reported; defining a sentinel event as, “a patient safety event (not primarily related to the natural course of the patient’s illness or underlying condition) that reaches a patient and results in death, permanent harm or severe temporary harm where intervention is required to sustain life.” Therefore, one could understand the importance of

  • Preventions of falls

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    Assignment 5- Prevention of Falls Kortney Franco Kaplan University NU 416- Nursing Care of the Older Adult 07/30/2014 Assignment 5- Prevention of falls When dealing with the elderly population it’s important to make sure they are cared for properly. Usually by this age it is hard for the elderly adult to care for themselves and need extra help around the house or need help with activities of daily living. Usually elderly patients are very resistant to getting help because

  • Falls Prevention

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    reduce the inpatient fall incidents. According to Bechdel et al (2014), the top priority of health care organizations nationwide is to reduce and eliminate falls within the clinical care settings. One of the serious problems in acute care hospital is the patient’s fall. The unfamiliar environment, acute and co-morbid illnesses, prolonged bedrest, polypharmacy, and the placement of tubes and catheters are common challenges that place patients at risk of falling. Most of the falls that I have encountered

  • Moving and Handling

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    Safety/Fall Prevention Who needs to be concerned about safety? Safety strategies to protect your bones are important for individuals of all ages. It is imperative for everyone to protect their bones and overall health by wearing seatbelts in any moving vehicle and by using appropriate protective equipment when participating in sports. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you may be more likely to break a bone as a result of a fall. In fact, most broken bones happen as a result of a fall

  • Fall Prevention in Hospitals

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    Fall Prevention in Hospitals Introduction Hospital falls are extremely common. In a study that was conducted to describe the epidemiological nature of hospital falls, they found that that about 183 of 1,300 patients fell during the period of study. Hospital falls are more common in the elderly where the average age of the patients who had fallen was found to be 63.4%. Many of the falls were unassisted (79%) and they had occurred while the patients were in their own rooms (85%). Generally, the

  • Fall Prevention In Nursing

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    likelihood of a fall during the hospitalization (Cox et al., 2015). Moreover, cardiovascular comorbidities, neuro/musculoskeletal disease, evening shift, implementation of fall prevention strategies, and a higher RN-to-unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) staffing ratio (RN/UAP) were significantly and independently associated with a decreased likelihood of a fall during the hospitalization. Additionally, the initiation of fall prevention strategies following a prescribed fall prevention protocol was

  • Multifactorial Fall Prevention

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    reduced falls. In Kamehameha Nursing Home, hourly round is required, but because nurses are most of the time busy, they often forget to implement it. This needs to be addressed in order to reduce the number of falls in the facility (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2013). If Universal Precautions is effectively implemented, Kamehameha Nursing Facility’s fall incident will decrease. VI. Justification A. Regulatory The Joint Commission recommends that in order to prevent falls, all organizations

  • Fall Prevention Essay

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    Springfield, Illinois 62761 re: Fall Prevention for Senior Citizens – a Plan to Provide Preventive Education to Senior Citizens Dear Reader: Did you know that trauma is the fifth leading cause of death in persons more than 65 years of age, and falls are responsible for 70 percent of accidental deaths in persons 75 years and older? Did you also know that 25 percent of seniors who suffer a hip fracture die within the first year? Injuries from these falls result in $70 billion in medical