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  • My Memories A Favorite Memory

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    An individual’s childhood memory has impacted them in some way whether it be emotionally or physically. From one memory to another, good or bad, develops the entity of a person’s personality or logic. I considered one of my worst memories a favorite memory because, from that experience, I gained development as an individual. The start of that development occurred on vacation without my parents attending. Like any other child, I became very enthusiastic of the whole idea of freedom and self-guidance

  • My Favorite Memories

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    Some of the most vivid memories from my childhood were born and raised in a military housing neighborhood located off the base in Warminster, Pennsylvania. My favorite memory however, was the time my brother and I met one of our childhood best friends. I still remember it as if it happened yesterday, no matter how much dust it collects in the back of my head, I can always blow it off and replay it in my mind as if it was the first time seeing it through my eyes. One humid summer day my older brother

  • My Favorite Memories

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    three, I went Out West again. My grandma made a scrapbook with me from that trip. In it, it says “Brock and I are best friends. He’s my cousin.” And it’s true, all of my cousins out West have always been my best friends. Some of my most treasured memories were made in their company. We were always marathoning Disney movies, having arm wrestling competitions, playing Payday and The Game of LIFE, and singing “You Belong With Me” at the top of our lungs. It was a tradition to rewrite the same play every

  • My Favorite Memory Of Reading

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    My furthest memory of learning how to read was when my classmates and I were all sitting crisscross applesauce on the giant, colorful rug in our library. Our librarian, Mrs. Cash, would read us Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids, one of my favorite series of books as I was growing up, and would read it very slow to us so we could understand and showed us all of the pretty pictures. After she read to us, we were each allowed to pick out a book and go to the little tables and attempt to read it. I can

  • My Favorite Memories Of Reading

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    am very thankful she loves to read and has passed on a portion of that love to me. Books play a major part in my life from memories of being read to when I was little, reading books I hated in school, and falling in love with the characters of a breathtaking novel. The importance of reading in my life goes all the way back to my childhood. In fact, one of my favorite memories of reading, comes from my childhood. My sister and I loved the book Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr.Seuss; more than that, we loved

  • My Favorite Childhood Memory

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    When we share gifts of writing we are giving a part of ourselves to those people for whom we care. For this assignment you are to think about your favorite childhood memory based on a winter theme or solstice holiday. Talk among each other to get ideas! Decide about an event in your life that your family will enjoy. You will create a card to give to someone important in your family. It will have an illustration on the front and your memoir inside. Remember, this is for your family to enjoy and

  • My Favorite Memories Essay

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    some of my favorite memories as a child. My grandmother loved having people over and would never turn down anyone for anything no matter what time of the day it was. In my eyes, she was invincible because she always put others first and never stopped to rest. One day, my parents got a call that my grandmother had fallen and wasn’t feeling very well. A couple of days later we noticed that she was not quite acting like her normal self. She was not as active as she used to be and her memory was starting

  • My Favorite Memories As A Kid

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    Childhood memory One of my favorite memories as a kid was the time me my sister and the twin neighbors decided that today was a good day to swim. It was probably late april or early may, the pool had been sitting out since last summer and the water had turned green. I of course had to go test out the water, as I was taking my shoes and socks off I went to take a closer look at the water when suddenly my younger sister jumped straight in. She got up and started to cry because the water was full of

  • My Favorite Memories Of Reading

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    was never my favorite thing in the world. Sure, I would sit with the rest of the class on the carpet and listen to my first grade teacher read a story, but I’d always look forward to it being over. For a while, reading was a subject that I respected, but I never had a desire for it. The journey I’ve made from sitting on that rug with my first-grade class to now is something that I’m really proud of, and I’m proud of my understanding of literacy as well. I’ve had some fond memories and some frustrating

  • My Favorite Past Memories

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    What are your favorite past memories? One of my favorite memories would be going to hawaii. I went last year after my birthday. All of my family went. My dad, step mom,sister,step sister,step brother,all four cousins, and all four aunts and uncles went with us. We stayed in hawaii on kona island I think. We stayed in a little condo with just me my dad,step mom,sister,step sister, and step brother. The first day we just walked around the town checking out our surrounding area. The second day we