My Favorite Memories Essay

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Just about every other Sunday, my parents would take my siblings and I over to my grandmother’s house and enjoy a meal with her. They were peaceful Sundays, where we would stuff ourselves with her delicious hand cooked meals and I would just sit there and listen to all the gossip between the adults while my little brother and sisters played. Friends and family would come and go throughout the day visiting whenever they were available. Just thinking about those Sunday’s always puts a smile on my face because those are some of my favorite memories as a child. My grandmother loved having people over and would never turn down anyone for anything no matter what time of the day it was. In my eyes, she was invincible because she always put others first and never stopped to rest. One day, my parents got a call that my grandmother had fallen and wasn’t feeling very well. A couple of days later we noticed that she was not quite acting like her normal self. She was not as active as she used to be and her memory was starting to get a bit fuzzy. Our entire family started to worry so she was taken to the doctors. While there they discovered that she had a cancerous brain tumor. As a naïve young teenage girl, I never thought my grandma would ever get sick. Not once did I ever see her get a fever, the flu, or even something as small as a cold. It was a shock to not only myself but to anyone who ever knew her. Not once did I ever see my grandmother let the news of cancer bring her down.

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