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  • Case Control Study

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    Furthermore, dysregulation of miR-155 has been reported in viral infections and different cancers. Some study reported mir155 highly expressed in activated T and B cells as well as macrophage and dendritic cells(23). Our result suggested that rs767649 TT genotype have potential to act as a risk factor for MS(OR=2.5), also 94 % of

  • The Effect Of Gibberellins On Seeds Germination Of Seed Germination

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    embryo-surrounding tissue viz., endosperm, which in turn governs the speed of germination. The study was an assessment of this hypothesis, on ten rice genotypes comprising of five early germinating (which have taken less than 30 hours for radicle emergence) and five late germinating (which have taken more than 44 hours for radicle emergence) genotypes. The effect of gibberellins (GA) and Abscisic acid (ABA) on enzyme activity was also subsequently evaluated. The activities of β-mannanase, β-mannosidase

  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus ( T1dm )

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    INTRODUCTION Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is the most common metabolic disorder in which both genetic and environmental factors are involved [1]. T1DM is considered a chronic immune-mediated disorder. It was hypothesized that whilst children have a genetic predisposition to T1DM, there is likely to be an environmental factor that triggers the development of T1DM. Possible triggers that have been suggested include viral infection, vaccines, low levels of vitamin D and cow’s milk, [2]. Oxidative

  • Migration And Its Effects On Population

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    Abstract: Migration such as immigration or emigration is the transfer of alleles, which are responsible for genetic variations, from the gene pool of one population to another. Therefore, it may change allele frequencies or range due to the reproduction of the immigrated individuals. This study was performed to see how migration modifies the effects of frequent disasters on allele frequencies in moth populations. Migration would counteract the effects of natural disasters that increase genetic drift

  • Disscusion Case Study

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    Disscusion The 2016 Guidelines provide recommendations on the preferred and alternative DAA regimens by HCV genotype [40]. Therefore knowing patient genotype is still important for determining the most appropriate treatment regimen. Ahmed Nagaty Plos one In the present study, HCV genotyping of the 20 HCV isolates was tried using the full length NS3/4A, NS5B, and the two third of the carboxy terminal region (including ISDR) of NS5A gene sequences. Full concordance was observed in 18 out of the 20

  • Insertion Of Mutant Lamin Proteins In Sw480 Colon Adenocarcinoma

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    When mutated, lamin proteins lead to multiple degenerative diseases related to premature aging and diseases like progeria and muscular dystrophy. Although comprehensive research has been done on mutant lamin proteins, the relationship between genotypes and phenotypes are poorly understood 2. This proposal aims to analyze the different genotypic and phenotypic effects by

  • Bio & Anthro

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    for the color of a flower in a gene, with P for purple and p for white, the three possible combinations which might exist in any one plant are PP making a purple plant, pp to make a white plant, or Pp resulting in a ‘hybrid’ plant. 2.) Out of the genotypes PP, Pp, pp, the resultant flower colors are (as described above in exercise 1) are purple (for PP,) purple or purplish-white (for Pp- likely purple as it is dominant, or a mixture of the colors,) or white (for the case of pp.) PP and pp, the purple

  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus ( Gdm )

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    Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is defined as glucose intolerance that occurs during pregnancy [1]. GDM is a widespread condition in Indian women during pregnancy affecting nearly 21 percent of all pregnancies [2, 3] nationwide. Prevalence of GDM in India differs from region to region, with 3.8% in Kashmir [4], 16.55% in Tamil Nadu [5], 7.7% in Maharashtra, 7.1% in Haryana [6], 19% in National Capital Region [3]. Epidemiological studies have confirmed the association of GDM with increased feto-maternal

  • The Importance Of Relative Fitness

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    chosen genotype survives; but this must be the same as the probability that a randomly chosen individual survives, regardless of information on genotype. Relative fitness. The relative fitness of a genotype (w) equals to its absolute fitness when get normalized. In the most common normalization, the absolute fitness of each genotype is divided by the absolute fitness of the fittest genotype (Barton and Turelli, 1989), such that the fittest genotype has a relative fitness of one. We can also define

  • Genotypying Case Study

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    conducted on the Illumina platform by (Song, Hyten, et al., 2013) and genotype data of 52,041 SNPs scored on 14,430 germplasm accessions to develop the Illumina Infinium SoySNP50K BeadChip. SNPs were scored using Genome Studio Genotyping Module v1.8.4 (Illumina, Inc.) and SNPs with minor allele frequency (MAF) of < 0.05 were ruled out from further analysis. Subsequently 42,041 SNPs with minor allele frequency ≥ 0.05 across 491 genotypes were used for GWAS analysis. Linkage disequilibrium estimation