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  • Examples Of The Giver In The Giver

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    At the beginning of “The Giver”, the reader is to believe that the community Jonas lives in is a utopia. It’s later revealed that this is quite the opposite of what it really is. A dystopia. Along with Jonas, the reader finds out how in Jonas’s community they they give the elderly and newborns lethal injections, constrict feelings, and prevent any form of decision making. When Jonas discovers these things through memories, he is distraught, and he has the right to be. He wants to show everyone what

  • The Giver

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    In the movie The Giver the main character, Jonas, learns more than what society has been telling him and sees a whole new perspective. To explain, the government hides emotions, colors, music, and memories from the community and Jonas is fortunate enough to experience it all. On his first day of training as the receiver, he sees the vision of snow and a sled. Jonas is shaken by the memories he has learned but is deeply intrigued, begging for more information each day. In the film, the wooden sled

  • Free Giver Essays : The Giver

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    The Giver Essay How would it feel if this world didn’t let people have choices, didn’t let people share, or if they didn’t let people celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just celebrate anything? Well that’s what it was like for Jonas in The Giver. Jonas lives in the future in a community where The Giver is the only one who knows everything, but soon all that changed for Jonas. He became the the community 's new Receiver of Memory, and soon Jonas learns the terrible secrets of this “utopian”

  • The Hero In The Giver By Lois Lowry's The Giver

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    Lowry had inspiration for the character Jonas in her novel, The Giver. When writing, The Giver Lowry creates a dystopian society where the government has taken away the population’s ability to remember the past, see color, or have feelings. In the novel, Lois Lowry presents the protagonist and hero, Jonas. Jonas gets chosen to be the Receiver of Memory and his whole life changes. The current Receiver, an old man Jonas calls The Giver shows Jonas memories from the past that contain aspects ranging

  • The Giver Utopia

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    definition of a Utopia- “an imaginary and indefinitely remote place, a place of ideal perfection especially in laws,government,and social conditions” (Merriam-Webster).The book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is about a boy named Jonas who lives a community of sameness where everybody doesn’t have feelings but Jonas and The Giver. Jonas’s community is a utopia because the people of the community each get a job, they never starve (basic needs), and they do not have feelings so they do not have pain, sadness

  • Individuality In 'The Giver'

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    The theme conveyed through the Giver is that individuality should be valued. The story takes place in a utopian society where everything is the same. There are no choices, no color, and no love in the Community of Sameness. The novel starts out a month before the Ceremony of Twelve, where the 12 year olds each get assigned a job. Jonas gets the assignment of the Receiver of Memory, and he soon finds out that lying is permitted, and receives several memories of the past without sameness, with pain

  • Community In The Giver

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    In The Giver Quartet, written by Louis Lowry each book has it’s own utopia or perfect world. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines utopia as an imaginary place in which the government, laws, and social conditions are perfect. Each of the four books in the quartet is perfect in their eyes, but in others’ eyes it is flawed. For example, in The Giver the government suppresses individuality but, in Messenger the people of the village celebrate their differences. In The Giver Louis Lowry created a

  • The Giver Reflection

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    is born. The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, tells about such a society from the viewpoint of an eleven-year-old named Jonas. In his world, there are countless laws to ensure everyone’s equality, prevent war, and to keep the people from feeling pain. Sadly though, they withhold the joyous experiences of life. The Elders or the government of the society gave one person the authority to hold all the memories to protect the citizens. This person is the Giver. When chosen to be the next Giver, Jonas embarks

  • The Giver Quotes

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    don’t get to pick your job or spouse. How would that feel? Well, that's the point this society doesn’t feel. Jonas is the main character of the book The Giver by Lois Lowry and he lives in a utopia community. Jonas knows no different though, he was born into this society, but one day, everything changes for Jonas. Jonas changes throughout The Giver and as a result, tries to change the Community. Jonas has changed from being feelingless and as the story goes on he develops feelings. The feelings Jonas

  • The Giver Essay

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    The Giver: Book Report The story starts as Jonas, a twelve- year-old boy, who is waiting for his life assignment. When he is given his assignment, he is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory. As the Receiver he has to get every memory from all over the world from the old Receiver he calls The Giver.      The Giver: The Giver is the man who is the old Receiver. He is also the one who gives Jonas the memories. In the community were Jonas lives is everything