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  • Hacktivism Essay

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    better or worse. Activism has long been a practice in American society. Only recently has the Internet become a factor in political participation. Hacktivism has brought a new method of activism where people all over the world can participate in. But is this new form of activism ethical from any standpoint? This paper will discuss the ethics behind hacktivism. Ethics Merriam-Webster defines ethic as “the discipline dealing with what

  • Is Hacktivism Morally Permissible?

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    Is Hacktivism Morally Permissible? In Himma’s terms, “hacktivism will be understood as involving unauthorized digital intrusions for the purpose of protesting some injustice or advancing some political agenda.” (Himma 14) An unauthorized digital intrusion is the manipulation of computers and networks belonging to someone else who in turn has their property rights violated. (Himma 1) Himma argues hacktivism is morally impermissible if and only if it harms innocent people or if the hacktivist stays

  • The Liberties, Ideologies, And Effects Of Hacktivism

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    and effects of hacktivism. Hacktivism, is the combination of hacking and activism, and is where a hacker creates a technology-centered disturbance with a political or social motive. Unlawful hackers typically cause cyber damage for amusement, or monetary gain. While traditional hackers are perceived as criminals, hacktivists are a transgressive group. Cyberterrorism is the most extreme version of hacking, where the goal is to cause permanent damage. There are benefits to hacktivism such as, anyone

  • The Rise Of Hacktivism : A Form Of Protest

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    The Rise of Hacktivism: a Form of Protest In this day and age living in the era of the computer, it has become more mainstream and common to hear of cyber attacks, and crime being committed on the internet. Activism however, has become a prominent way to protest or argue a political view. Using related technologies and the internet have become a vital way for some to share their views. With the rise of the internet, “hacktivism” has become a prominent way for protest groups to express while also

  • A Perfect Example Of Civic Hacking

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    weather; it simply allows users to avoid streets that are unplowed and lets them examine possible alternate routes. Without the efforts of civic hackers, citizens could be left stranded on unplowed city streets. A third positive example of hacking is hacktivism. Though hacktivists have a more subtle positive effect, they consistently bring controversial decisions and topics to light. Hacktivists are hackers that use their talent to be activists that support a certain cause. Most are politically motivated

  • Wikileaks : A Perfect Record Forever

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    analyses.” They get their sources from anonymous people and groups all over the world, which led to the publication of over 10 million documents and associated analyses. It is stated that, “Although no organization can hope to have a perfect record forever, thus far WikiLeaks has a perfect in document authentication and resistance to all censorship attempts.” Moreover, WikiLeaks won numerous of awards for many years now, which proves that they are really credible sources and they deliver the truth

  • Case Study: Cyber-Terrorism

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    Case study: Anonymous While the motivation of terrorist acts remains the same, the rapid evolution of technique has provided to those that use terror as a method to attain their goals, new weapons with a potential that is not fully quantified. The database, the measures of protection and security, the equipment meant to reassure our safety are exposed to those new types of weapons, the traditional methods of fight becoming impractical. The cyber-crimes are a supplement for cyber-terrorism in what

  • The Article ' Hacking As Politically Motivated Digital Civil Disobedience

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    Critical Essay In the article 'Hacking as Politically Motivated Digital Civil Disobedience: Is Hacktivism Morally Justified? ' by Kenneth Einar Himma, She argues that the as an electronic civil disobedience, hacktivism is morally impermissible. Kenneth claims that the acts of civil disobedience is not always morally permissible because the nature of it is disobeying the state of the law and it is more expressive than the right to free speech. Then she discusses the framework to evaluate acts of

  • The Is A Good Thing For Society?

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    Hacktivism is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system, for a politically or socially motivated purpose. This term has been around since the 1980s, but never has it been more prevalent than now. It seems that not a week can go by without one of these online incidents appearing on the news. With technology advancing, it raises the following question: Are hacktivists beneficial or detrimental to society? After a careful analysis of the pros and cons, one side of this question becomes

  • Enemy Of The System

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    Timothy Garbanzos Professor Norbert Hill Hacktivism Argumentative Research Paper English Composition 1302-12805 25 March, 2017 Hacktivist: Enemy of the System In January 2008, the noteable hacktivist group, Anonymous, bashed and instigated the Church of Scientology for simply wanting to remove a video interview of Scientologist Tom Cruise. Anonymous were shocked at the news and gave screams of “INTERNET CENSORSHIP IS A SIN” and “INFORMATION WAS BORN FREE” across their keyboards. Hand in hand with