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  • Individualism In Ayn Rand's The Road Not Taken

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    “We strive to be like all our brother men, for all men must be alike” (Ayn Rand, Anthem). If everyone is the same no one can be superior, no one will believe they are better; because once someone believes they are better than others they are harder to control. For any dictator to stay in power they need to be in total control of their people; and children are the best and easiest of individuals to mold their minds into what the dictator wants them to believe, think, and do. Our government tries to

  • Persuasive Essay On Sweatshops

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    Sweltering heat, long hours, unfair working conditions are a few descriptive words that Americans use to describe a sweatshop. I believe our judgment is being misguided by the success of our nation, and it is imperative we redefine the word “sweatshop”. Individuals that endure life in third world countries know hardships that Americans could not imagine. If we were to recognize these economical differences it may shine a light on why these workers seek sweatshop jobs. In many of these cases, children

  • Elephant In America

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    Wherever I travel in this Great Democratic Country of ours, I am struck at the morbid sight of our nation. The woefully growing poor-class struggles to make financial ends meet for a week after solemnly accepting their gross income. The relatively stable middle-class battles with monthly finances, hopes crushed at the stark differences of their net and gross salaries. Lastly, the targeted upper-class, the nation’s financial powerhouse, feels the injustice of scandals against them regarding avoidance

  • Reflection On Citizen Education

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    Citizen Education Reflection At the beginning of the second semester I didn’t know what exactly to expect from Cited as a class. I had heard that it was a lot of work, that Mr. Cangello could be a hard grader, and to pay attention if you wanted to keep up. As the semester got into full swing and I started to get a better feel for my classes, I realized, not a single part of these warnings had been false. After many warnings about plugging in our laptops in an orderly fashion, and testaments to

  • The Utopian Society In Plato's Republic

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    There is Hoi Polloi – “the many” the biggest group which takes care of agriculture, manufacture and production; Hoi Epikouroi – “the Auxiliaries” the administrative, military, policing category; and Hoi Phylakes – “the Guardians” – the ruling class. The guardian class is not allowed to have money or material possessions. They live communally, choose sexual

  • Persuasive Essay About Townsville

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    TOWNSVILLE may be the gateway to the rainforest, reef and outback but recent developments in the food scene see the city is blossoming into the culinary capital of northern Queensland. Not too many year ago a fine-dining experience was a meal at the leagues club bistro but the arrival of award-winning chefs, ingredients sourced from nearby producers, trendy dining precincts, cool cafes, and thoughtful menus have elevated the scene. ``Townsville has grown up a bit,’’ explains Townsville Enterprise’s

  • Who Is Joseph Conrad Uncivilized

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    Conrad’s complex descriptions and ideas of life in Africa, or the heart of darkness, it can be established that he is, in fact, not racist. Conrad was simply expressing the dark, uncivilized manners of the African people to contrast the light European hoi polloi and the unfair dehumanization of slaves in his time period. The African people that Conrad viewed as uncivilized could be considered an act of racism; however, it is also logical to believe that he was merely trying to demonstrate the common,

  • Why Should One Drill The Walls Of Knowledge Summary

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    Towards the end of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicles of a death foretold, the protagonist, a newly graduated student is sent to a small high school in Columbia to share with the hoi polloi the wisdom he gleaned through his years of research. He posed a rhetorical question that took the crowd by surprise. The protagonist was captivated by the knowledge world, a web crisscrossed by seemingly mystic - and dazzlingly complex - relationships. But he did put his finger on quite a puzzle: Why should one

  • Age of Revolutions Essay

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    The age of revoltion was a historical time frame that took place between 1775 to 1848 which encompassed numerous social, cultural and political shifts that harboured significant implications on the growth of the development of the novel as a genre. Through the social mechanics of increased living standards, the creation of the middle class, elevated literacy levels and wider book distribution and publication, the novel genre saw indespensible changes which have persisted throughout time. Prior to

  • Canterbury Tales Character Analysis

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    built on emotional bonds. This is seen in Walter and Griselda, who despite having a rough relationship, are never driven by sexual inclination towards each other. Walter and Griselda’s relationship was first started by the townspeople, when the hoi polloi desired for Walter to bear an offspring to the throne. The common people meet up with Walter, saying, “If only it pleased you to go find a wife.” (281) Walter takes them up on their request, and only requires that they do not disprove of his choice