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  • Honduras

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    Honduras is located in Central America, between the two countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua. You may find it pretty easy to fund Honduras on a map because its about the same size of Tennessee. The exact location of Honduras is 15 degrees North longitude and 86 degrees East latitude. Honduras covers 43,278 square miles, which is approximately the same size of Tennessee, as I stated before. The country of Honduras is full of all different kinds of land types including; wetlands, mountains and

  • Honduras Problems

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    Not too long ago, the United States witnessed the horror of seeing tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Honduras making one of the most dangerous journey to make it to the U.S. southern border. It was an unexpected crisis for both countries which made Honduras a top priority for former president Barack Obama. Today Honduras is under the radar of the U. S’s foreign policy; however, the country is still reeling from illicit drug trafficking, gang violence, and government corruption. The

  • Honduras Essay

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    Honduras      Have you ever wanted to travel to a beautiful country far from where your at now. To visit a land full of many different customs and where culture is put into a whole new perspective. Well if this is what you have dreamed of take your Spanish class and fly or drive down to a friendly neighbor Honduras! Now lets learn about our travel. "Size And Population"      About 90% of the population is mestizo (people of Spanish and

  • Essay On Honduras

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    Honduras is one of those countries people barely know about there are really interesting things about honduras. The life expectancy of people in Honduras is 71. Some of the exports are coffee , bananas, shrimp, lobster etc. (text from national geographic atlas of the world eighth edition). Hondureno catracho (the national nickname) can be amusing; insulting , or friendly depending on the context “catracho” comes from the name Florencio Xatruch , the general who led the Honduran expeditionary force

  • Honduras Essay

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    LOCATION Honduras is approximately 1000 miles southwest of Miami and has a mainly mountainous area of 48,200 square miles. To the North it has a large coastal line with the Caribbean sea and to the South it enjoys a small access to the Pacific.                           HISTORY Honduras lies at what was the southern tip of the Mayan civilization that spread southwards from

  • Causes Of Poverty In Honduras

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    Living a life in Honduras is dreadful because research has shown that in 2016, 66 percent of the population of Honduras lived in poverty according to official data. Honduras also has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and the homicide rate in 2016 was 59 per 100,000. Which means that every 100,000 people living in Honduras 59 Hondurans will die every year. The numbers of the homicide rate in Honduras is ten times higher than global averages, and it is also 12 times higher than United States

  • Belize: British Honduras

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    Belize: British Honduras (Introduction Paragraph) Thesis: Belize is a young country with a deep Mayan culture, as well as a diverse geography that promotes its large tourism industry. Belize is a very young country only gaining independence from the British and Guatemala in 1981. Guatemala still doesn't agree with the independence of Belize and doesn’t recognize it as an independent country. Before this though there was the The Mayan Empire. The Mayan Empire was established in 1500 BC and thrived

  • Honduras, The Land Of No Peace

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    Honduras, the land of no peace Honduras is a mountainous area located in Central America. North and northwest of the Caribbean Sea, Honduras is south of Nicaragua and west of Guatemala also being southwest of El Salvador below the Pacific Ocean. The topography of the land is mainly mountainous with some non-tropical areas on the upper climate and tropical areas on the climate on the lower parts. Honduras also has a little bit of flat land. Honduras is shaped similarly to the United States but flipped

  • Cultural Effects Of Imperialism In Honduras

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    Honduras has the highest homicide rate in the world. (worldatlas.com) It’s a country that has been affected by imperialism multiple times throughout its history. In the early parts of the country's history, Honduras was imperialised by Spain and went through a couple of different political powers before becoming independent. During more recent times the U.S. used military force to gain control of the country in hopes to help the political uproar and failing country using imperialistic tendencies

  • Honduras And Its Impact On American Culture

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    Some people hear the country Honduras and immediately picture the incredible diving offered, others feel pity and fear as they imagine the incredibly high rates of violent crimes. While both perspectives are true, Honduras has a plethora of fascinating traits. Located in Central America, Honduras’ major language spoken is Spanish, and the capital is Tegucigalpa. It also holds many historical stories leading up to what it is today, incredible geography, culture, economics, and fascinating relationships