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  • The Importance Of The Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Of The Future

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    “I predict that the natural hoof care practitioner of the future will be less of a trimmer, than a diagnostician of healthy changes in the hoof and an expert at creating natural behavioral stimuli in the track that serve the adaptation mechanism”(Jackson). What I will be talking about in this research paper is shoeing horses. Contemplating the workings of horse hooves, I found that a horse being shod does not hurt the hoof like so many would argue because when a horse is working on hard ground -

  • Hoop Analysis

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    of the hoof to the ankle. With the measurements of that foot taken, they are ready to try for a print. Picking up the wad of cloth that is soaked in ink, the wizard held it against the Dancers hoof. "Dust off the floor and put a piece of paper down so we can get a print of the hoof," Sylvester instructed the wrangler. "Putting the animals hoof in the middle of the sheet Sly pressed down on the leg to make sure that they get a good print of the hoof. Lifting the leg off the floor, Sly held

  • Research Paper On The Ooookay

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    “Pete, the wizard said, dust off the floor where this hoof will go, then I put it down, and after it’s clean put a couple of sheets of paper there.” Watching as Pete cleans the spot with the brush and puts the paper down, Sly says, “Good, now let’s make the hoof print.” Putting the animal's hoof in the middle of the sheet, Sly presses down on the leg to get a good impression. Lifting the leg Sly motions for the

  • Choosing Hoof Supplements

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    that your horse will benefit from the supplement rather than have a negative reactions. Some negative reactions can include being allergic, colic, upset stomach, to much energy, and not extra support where needed. In reviewing three different types of hoof supplements, I was able to conclude that the less information I received, the less I was persuaded in buying that particular product. What I reviewed was supplements that you feed during your horse’s morning/ night feed time, it enhances or improves

  • Descriptive Essay About Owning A Horse

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    Owning a horse can and will teach you a lot. There will be times when owning a horse seems like a bad idea but there are more wonderful times than bad times, when owning a horse is something you could only dream of. Like you do as a child. When I was a young child I always dreamed of having a magnificent spotted horse. As I grew older my love and want for a horse only intensified. Around the age of 15 on a bright warm sunny day my grandmother called me and said, " I have a surprise for you; I

  • Narrative Essay On Bigfoot

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    Regaining my composure, I decided to go investigate the mud hole where the sounds originated. Examining the mud hole area, I find it littered with horse hoof prints, along with standing water, making the identification of any footprints difficult. However, close examination of the area revealed two possible footprints. One possible footprint appeared to be made by something moving across the trail, not

  • Boarding a Horse: Pasture vs. Stable Essay

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    Boarding a Horse: Pasture vs. Stable For centuries horse and man have existed in a partnership which has provided mutual benefits. The horse has aided man's advancement toward civilization as a diligent worker, reliable transportation method, brave soldier, and trusted friend. In return, man has protected the horse from predators and disease, and provided food and shelter to ensure the continued health and well being of his equine companion. As well meaning as man's intentions may be, not all

  • Not A Hoof Left Behind Mark Twain

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    NOT A HOOF LEFT BEHIND Mark Twain says that early in his life he moved to a mining town in Colorado. The town was wide open with brothels and bars on every corner. Twain says, “I immediately recognized it was no place for a Christian-so I decided not to be one.” Many people have imitated Twain’s response. When they find it hard to be a Christian, they either quit trying to be one or they compromise their convictions. Jesus directs some of His harshest words toward the sin of compromise embodied in

  • The Hooves Of Horses Are Particularly Prone

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    due to their constant exposure to bacteria and sensitivity of the hoof wall to environmental changes. Abscesses within the hoof may vary in degree, ranging from mild to life threatening. Typically, abscesses occur when bacteria are introduced into the epithelium of the hoof, where the body responds and produces purulent fluid that effectively forms a pocket. This pocket will become enlarged with pus and due to the inability of the hoof to expand, pressure will begin to build up and cause pain. Severe

  • The Benefits Of Domestic Horses

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    practice, in addition to undermining the soundness of the hoof, makes the hoof more prone to painful and potentially laming abscesses. An abscess in a hoof being a hole in which fluids and waste build up until they find a place to break through and “pop.” In addition, the metal of the shoe keeps the hoof from growing outward. Rather than expanding as it grows out, it is forced to contract and grow longer constricting blood flow to the hoof. Dr Hilltrud Strasser, a German veterinarian, veterinary scientist