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  • Descriptive Essay On The Abu Bbakr Temple

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    The temple that we visited was the Abu Bakr Mosque, a Sunni temple, and the largest Islamic Mosque in the state of Colorado. The temple can accommodate up to 3,000 people at its maximum. Abu Bakr is a part of the Colorado Muslim Society and is the first masjid in Colorado after the building was purchased in 1974 and relocated to its current location. My first impression of the masjid was that it did not seem like a religious building at first sight. Because of the simple masonry of the exterior,

  • Spiritual Lessons of Muslim Revolutionists Imam Ali and Jalal al-din Rumi

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    Islamic revolutionists Imam Ali and Jalal al-din Rumi tend to be simple in design much like these oral traditions, but a careful analysis of their work will depict the true depth of their teachings. Through their teachings, these two men are able to clearly show the distinction between spirituality as their lessons greatly depend on the individual recognizing that faith is

  • The New Brunswick Islamic Center

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    Since the dawn of time, religion has been the staple of humanity. It has been our explanation for the unexplainable, as well a way for us to form a community with those around us. Due to the natural diversity of humans, a varied set of separate religions has formed throughout the world. Religions continue to adapt and inspire each other, however, they all have their differences, as well as internal differences through the observations of each believer. The exterior of the New Brunswick Islamic Center

  • Debating the Takeover After the Death of the Prophet Mohammad

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    As we know after the death of Prophet Mohammad, the Muslim community turned into disorder and people started to wonder what would happen now that he is dead as it was understood that he was the last to come in prophets’ chain and there will be no one coming after him. Many debates began about who should take over all the responsibilities he had as he was the spiritual, legal, political and military leader of the community, so in other words, the debates were whether Muhammad had already appointed

  • Prophet Ali Research Paper

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    Ali’s close partisan constitutes the Shi’at Ali, along with the general of Islamic belief in Allah, Muhammad's message, and the Quran. The Shiites believe in the Imam as the true leader of faith and the veritable interpreter of the Quran. According to the Shia doctrine, the prophet shortly before he died, has appointed Ali as the leader of the community and initiated him into the esoteric aspects and the mysteries of faith and certain designated descendants, in turn, inherited this function. Also

  • The Sunni-Shia Divide

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    Introduction Islam is a monotheistic religion that started in Arabia (1). It was founded by the prophet Muhammad and during the first century of its creation, it spread throughout Arabia and beyond (12). Muslims believe that Muhammad saw visions of the angel Gabriel telling him the of the wisdoms of God. Today, Islam is the second largest religion in the world and just like other major world religions, there are divisions that exist in Islam. What must be the most significant division is the division

  • Islam And The Common Cause Of Unity

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    according to Quran that is the rightful way of selection that includes the consensus of the majority votes. But the admirers of Ali(RA), who was the son in law of the Prophet Muhammad, protested and believed that the Prophet(PBUH) had chosen His son-in-law to be His rightful successor. According to the Shia Muslims, they believe Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) designated Imam Ali(RA) as His successor by Allah’s

  • What Are Shia Religious Places

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    associated with the Remembrance of Muharram (The event marks the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala when Imam Hossein ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and the first

  • Sunni Islam Research Paper

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    that were seen as historic validation of Muslim belief and claims. The Shiah are the followers of Ali, Muhammad’s Cousin. They believe that leadership should stay in the family of the prophet and thus pass to its senior male member, Ali. They were thwarted twice: when Ali wasn’t appointed as the first caliph and when Muawiya seized the caliphate from Ali. Later on, they convinced Husayn, the son of Ali, to lead a rebellion against Yazid, Muawiya’s son. However, Husayn didn’t get the support they promised

  • The Historical Context of Ridda, Shura, and Shi'a Essay

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    They were Umar Ibn Al Khattab, Uthman, and Ali Ibn Abi Talib. During the Caliphate of Ali there was much fighting and eventually the Muslim world fell into civil war. The later Caliphs had nominal control over the Islamic states, but interestingly none of them were brought to power by Shura; they all gained control