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  • A & M Research Statement

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    Research Statement Nilabja Guha Texas A&M University My current research at Texas A&M University is in a broad area of uncertainty quantification (UQ), with applications to inverse problems, transport based filtering, graphical models and online learning. My research projects are motivated by many real-world problems in engineering and life sciences. In my current postdoctoral position in the Institute for Scientific Computation (ISC) at Texas A&M University, I have worked with Professor Bani K.

  • Research Statement : Texas A & M University

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    broad area of uncertainty quantification (UQ), with applications to inverse problems, transport based filtering, graphical models and online learning. My research projects are motivated by many real-world problems in engineering and life sciences. I have collaborated with researchers in engineering and bio-sciences on developing rigorous uncertainty quantification methods within Bayesian framework for computationally intensive problems. Through developing scalable and multi-level Bayesian methodology

  • Examples Of Aim 2 : Inverse Problem With Adaptive Scale

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    AIM 2: Inverse problem with adaptive scale In many practical applications the case of solving an inverse problem is encountered when com- ponent controlling the pde system (1) is unknown or partially known. If κ(x,t) = κ(x) is an 12 + unknown time independent quantity then different values of κ produces different solution to the linear pde/ode system. The solution can have highly oscillatory nature involving multiple scales. The PI proposes a multilevel framework for this inversion problem while accounting

  • The Importance Of My College Life

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    not assist me in doing my homework. Whenever he had time to help me he failed at breaking down mathematical concepts. Often, he would complicate a simple problem and deviate from the core question. After a while, he gave up on helping me with my homework as our discussions would devolve into arguing about the best way to solve my homework problems. He concluded that it had been years since he went to high school, which I somewhat agreed. Instead, he bought me workbooks or educational game software

  • Detection System Of Illegal Logging Image Using Matching Process With Discrete Cosine Transform Syafruddin Syarif1

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    the chance to produce the high quality products of timber also decreased. In addition, the nature inbalance causes climate change, declining soil productivity, soil erosion and flooding, habitat destruction, and loss of biodiversity. To solve the problems, the illegal logging detection system is urgently needed. In this research, image processing and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) are applied for the detection. Nowadays,

  • Relationship Between Burnout And Work Engagement

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    Exhaustion was found for engagement (r= -0.35, p< 0.01) based on the above results. From the results, academics who reported a lesser degree of engagement in their work are the ones who are more emotionally exhausted. Here, burnout shows a moderate inverse relationship with engagement, in that the higher degree of burnout reported the lesser the engagement. This result supported the first hypothesis presented in the study, i.e. burnout is negatively correlated with work engagement. Relationship between

  • Ecosystem Theory And Empowerment-Based Practice

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    empowerment-based practice were used for the assessment and planning in this intervention plan. Ecosystem theory, especially the five-point schema framework, was utilized to understand the relationship between Judith and her environment; therefore, resources and problems were identified in Judith’s environment (Miley et al 2009; O’ Melia 1991). Empowerment-based practice was implemented to assist Judith recognized her power from different levels; hence, the increased power could be used to improve her situation (Parsons

  • General Demand Function Of Desktop Computers

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    If the price of desktop computers rises, the demand will decrease. Similarly, if the price of desktop computers falls, the demand will rise. Consumers often watch for prices to drop or sales to occur before making big purchases to. Due to the inverse relationship between the demand and the price of the computers, the slope parameter would have a negative sign. This negative sign denotes that as one piece of the equation changes, the other will move in the opposite direction. The second factor

  • Procrastination Is A Behavior Or An Act Of Delaying Starting Essay

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    CHAPTER 1- INTRODUCTION Procrastination is a behavior or an act of delaying starting or performing a task that was supposed or anticipated to be done within a definite time limit. It is a phenomenon that has been extensively researched upon especially in academic settings. Several studies have explored its causes, form and effects. Findings have suggested how it is detrimental to academic achievement, long term health, financial standing, well-being, etc. (Sepehrian & Lotf, 2011; Tice & Baumeister

  • The Learning Objective Of The Lesson Comparing Fractions

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    Activity 1: Comparing Fractions (October 12, 2016) The learning objective of the lesson Comparing Fractions was to demonstrate to students that fractions are everywhere we go and the importance of being able to identify fractions with greater or less value when comparing fractions. Engage During this activity students were very engaged, they created their own figures using the pattern blocks. Below there are some of the examples of the figures that students come up with (see fig.1&2). After