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  • James Madison University Personal Statement

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    Through my undergraduate studies in fine and performing arts at James Madison University and my professional theatre experiences, I have built a foundation as a theatre practitioner that includes analyzing scripts, and communicating through drawing and drafting, and have taken advantage of as many opportunities as possible. By attending the Yale School of Drama Graduate Design Program, I will develop my process for formulating ideas and gain more specialized knowledge in scenic design. What I am

  • Mercy House By James Madison University

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    Mercy House has entered its 28th year of operations and serves as the family homeless shelter serving the City of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, and the surrounding region. The agency also administers the Centralized Housing Intake program. Mercy House is a 501(c) 3 corporation with an experienced management team and a highly engaged Board of Directors. The agency conducts business in accordance with the highest standards for transparency and fiscal accountability including yearly independently

  • How To Write An Essay On Becoming A Physical Therapist

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    who through work with a physical therapist, begins to regain not only his strength but his self-confidence. This goes to show what a physical therapist can mean to a human being by rehabilitating their body and mind. I would like to attend James Madison University to pursue my lifelong dream to become a physical therapist so that in the future I can help those who have gone through a traumatic injury get back on their feet. Imagine a player of a sports team going down after a huge play. The player

  • Title Ix : The Idea Of Equity

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    popular especially among the critics of Title IX is the idea that “Title IX exists to force to schools to drop men’s sport’s”(Kane, pg. 3). This is something that was reinforced by an report authored by Dr. Mary Jo Kane who is a Professor at the University of Minnesota regarding the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Dr. Kane indicated that she opens her sport sociology class discussions on Title IX by asking her class what they know about this subject. Dr. Kane indicated in her report that Title IX “remains

  • Valley Scholars Goals

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    Goal The overall programmatic goal of the Jame Madison University Valley Scholars program is primarily to provide access to higher education and academic support to local, low-income, at-risk, and underserved middle and high school students in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In order to establish this goal, the Valley Scholars program provides and encompasses a variety of activities for these students, which are mentioned in the previous sections. Objectives & Activities Objective 1: Provide

  • Comparing Digital And Textbooks And Their Effects On Helping University Students Study Efficiently

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    Print textbooks and their effects on helping university students study efficiently Joyce J. Lam University of California, Irvine Author Note Joyce Josephine Lam University of California, Irvine jjlam@uci.edu SS3A HW ID: 104 Abstract This paper explores the pros and cons of using digital formats verses print formats of textbooks, particularly e-textbooks and traditional textbooks, and seeks to ask how effective these textbook formats are for university students and their studies. The purpose of

  • High Demand For Off Campus Housing Essay

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    fast the housing complexes fill up. According to the Best College Rankings from US News and World Report, 13 percent of the students live in college owned, operated or affiliated housing and 87 percent of students live off campus at James Madison University (“James Madison…”). Since so many students live off campus, my friends and I decided that we were not going to live in the dorms again next year so we

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Aramark

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    My experience working with Aramark was amazing. They have a great system in place here at James Madison University. I not only learned about the food and beverage industry of hospitality but also the got real world experience in the back house and front house of the areas I worked. From the experience I gained here, I can say that I am better prepared and more knowledgeable about the food and beverage sector. There were many things I enjoyed while I worked at Aramark. One of the aspects I enjoyed

  • The Life Of James Madison Essay

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    The Life of James Madison Madison Williams Central High School November 9, 2015 3rd Period Abstract In my paper I will state and explain the least known aspects of James Madison. James Madison contributed to some of the most simple and complex events that have not been recognized. For his job well done, I am willing to make those aspects known. The Life of James Madison James Madison, also known as “The Father on the Constitution”, contributed to quite a few intellectual events in

  • James Madison

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    Eldest of twelve siblings, James Madison was born on March 16, 1751 to Eleanor Conway and James Madison Sr. He was born in his grandmother’s home in Port Conway, Virginia, but later moved to Orange County, Virginia in order for his father to continue his job in planting. Madison's father owned thousands of acres of land and worked slaves in order to stay as successful as he was. Growing up, Madison went to a boarding school in King and Queen County, Virginia for a better education; his