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  • Pop Music : Katy Perry

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    the genre of pop music and Katy Perry is an example of one of the female artists. From her upbringing to her pop music stardom Katy Perry has become a household name in the genre of popular music. Perry gets her influence for her career from a variety of artists that are very different from each other and not all of the artist she draws inspiration from are pop musicians. Throughout her career Perry has had multiple hits on the chart and has sold millions of albums. Katy Perry also has a way of creating

  • Covergirl: Katy Perry Compare

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    Covergirl: Katy Perry Collection The Covergirl 2017 Katy Perry ad shows her new lipstick and mascara collection, Perry is seen throughout the whole ad with different color dresses representing the shades of the lipstick and for the mascara she changes into a black and white dress to signifying the black mascara. The 12 shades of lipsticks also come together with her makeup, the whole ad is made to signifying the old days and how women would wear nice bold pink colors and long lashes. The producers

  • Wide Awake: Katy Perry Essay

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    mass media. As a result, the evil conspiracy makes the worlds entertainment look wicked. Katy Perry’s, a successful pop artist in this country and around the world, popularity skyrocketed with her danceable music and bold approach. According to commonsceneconspiracy.com (2013), her hit song “E.T.” made many believe Katy Perry “sold her soul to the devil” or the illuminati to reach prominence. In other words, Katy Perry joined the Illuminati and her music video ‘E.T.” gives proof of her joining the “dark

  • Katy Perry 's The Song Fireworks Essay

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    Katy Perry takes a similar approach by creating a song that allows people to be the way they are. Katy Perry had created the song “Fireworks.“ This song is an inspirational song that allows people to reveal themselves to the true world instead of keeping it a secret. Katy is trying to portray the fact that people should not be afraid to represent the way they truly are. She wants everyone to show his or her “true colors“. In a sense, Katy wants to people to embrace what they are. In the first few

  • The Good Vs. The Bad: Katy Perry vs. Jon Lajoie Essay

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    standard, and talks about them like the are property On the other hand, Katy Perry represents a muse when she influences people for the better when she talks about being the best that you can be, never giving up, and that everything happens for a reason in her song “Firework”. Jon Lajoie

  • Katy Perry

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    When the video begins, the scene is very futuristic and then the amusement park is shown with the name of the amusement park being “OBLIVIA” a play on the word “oblivious” which represents being oblivious to the world around them. When Katy Perry first appears in the music video, she is the only one shown with pink hair and wearing white and blue eyeshadow, while everyone else is shown to be dressed in clothes from the 1950s and are either blonde or brunette. The people walking around the amusement

  • Katy Perry Analyse

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    Why the Song “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry Should be Taught in ENG 2D0-G I believe the song “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry deserves a close study in ENG 2D0-G because of the allusions that help the listener use their imagination in picturing the character, metaphors that give effective representations and similes that have meaningful comparisons. In song lyrics, allusions help the listeners to use their imagination and creativity to picture what the character resembles like. In the song “Dark Horse”,

  • The Cause Of Plumbing In Katy

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    Low Water Pressure | Plumbing Katy Low water pressure is annoying to deal with, and it may be a cause for concern. Low water pressure can make the simple task of taking a shower a chore. Furthermore, it lengthens any of the tasks around the home requiring water. There a several potential causes of low water pressure, and identifying the source is the first step in resolving it. In the following the most common causes are discussed. A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber can find the cause behind your

  • Essay On Katy Migiro

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    Katy Migiro's news article is about a newly designed drug that could help infected children who have Tuberculosis in Kenya. The article was dated back on September 27, 2016; it is still relevant today and the article link is still posted on Thomson Reuters’ website. Thomson Reuters Foundation is an independent mass news media company and not known to be affiliated itself with another newsgroup. However, Thomson Reuters Foundation was rumored to be biased on a few selected issues. However, Migiro’s

  • Katy Saved the Night

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    It was a dark and stormy night. An unnatural haze lingered over Las Angeles. In his bed, Katy shivered. For a summer night, the air was cold and the sky was black. It was almost as if something evil lurked out there in the shadows. Katy rolled over, clutching his pillow, and tried to fall back asleep. But a worry nagged in the back of his mind. Something was not right. No matter how he tried, some ghostly force prevented him from sleeping. It made him uneasy. With a sigh, he rolled out of bed, pulled