Kilgore Trout

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  • Human Problems By Kurt Vonnegut

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    Kurt Vonnegut gives a new turn to his innovative fiction and tries to create awareness to people about the things that harm human life and peace. He tries to present how human beings are made as slaves by the introduction of machines. Men become addicted to technology and they do not have the capacity to discriminate between what is real happiness and what is fantasy. They are filled with the fallacy that they have conquered many things and plan for what is yet to be conquered. But in reality the

  • The Mind of Kurt Vonnegut

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    preeminent writers of the later half of the twentieth century. His works are all windows into his mind, a literary psychoanalysis. He examines himself as a cog in the corporate machine in "Deer in the Works"; as a writer through the eyes of Kilgore Trout in several works; and most importantly, as a prisoner of war in Slaughterhouse-Five. Vonnegut created short stories and novels that dealt with events in his life. One of the most obvious self examinations is in "Deer in the Works"

  • Breakfast of Champions: Life With Others Essay

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    Creator of the Universe, if one believes Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions (1973). In Breakfast of Champions the protagonist, Kilgore Trout, is a lonely science fiction writer who lives in a hole in the dredges of New York City. His only work published was "to give bulk to books and magazines of salacious pictures" ( 21). Finally catching his break, Trout is invited to the Midland City Arts Festival, home of Dwayne Hoover. Hoover, who is a wealthy car salesman, owns a share of virtually everything

  • Breakfast of Champions Essay

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    the book are Kilgore Trout, Dwayne Hoover, and Philboyd Sludge.

  • Analysis Of Wailing Shall Be In All Streets By Kurt Vonnegut

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    In this novel as a soldier in World War II,the author Kurt Vonnegut experienced the bombing of Dresden, Germany, in 1945, while being held in that city as a POW. This one experience seemed to affect Vonnegut significantly during his entire life, as he would return to this topic, writing about it on more than one occasion. His most direct account of this event appears in an undated essay entitled “Wailing Shall Be in All Streets,” in which he vividly describes the physical and psychological destruction

  • Criticism Of Kurt Vonnegut

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    In his 1965 essay Science Fiction , Vonnegut stated that he learned in 1952 from the reviewers of Player Piano, that he was a science fiction writer” he states: “I learned,” in 1952 from the reviewers of Player Piano, “that I was a science fiction writer [. . .]. I have been a sore headed occupant of the file drawer labeled science fiction ever since, and I would like out, particularly since so many serious critics regularly mistake the drawer for a urinal” (“Science Fiction” 1). He has been a sore

  • Dehumanization In Breakfast Of Champions By Kurt Vonnegut

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    Kurt Vonnegut uses the phrase ‘Good bye blue Monday’, because in America they used to wash clothesonly in weekends. Every Monday they are busy in washing. So that day is called as washing day. House wives are fed up with washing. During that time in America they started a washing machine company. From that time onwards they become free from washing. So they said Good bye Monday. But author does not reveal the phrase till the end of the novel. Then the company is closed and in that place Americans

  • Essay on Tralfamadore- Truth or Imagination?

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    the book because his experiences on Tralfamadore mirror what happens to the people in the book. Also he reads a lot of Kilgore Trout books and they are all about science fiction and aliens. Just like Zircon-212, Tralfamadore is not because Billy remembers what he has read in Kilgore Trout's books and makes it into his reality. Billy not only consumes the plot from Kilgore Trout books but also uses his personal experiences to trigger Tralfamadore. Billy’s similarities between his personal experiences

  • Breakfast of Champions as Social Commentary Essay

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    overpopulation. His unique and unparallel style includes outrageous and often unrealistic chain of event that are obviously symbolic and relevant to the story as well as the author’s attitude on a particular subject matter. For instance in describing when Kilgore Trout writes his stories, he does not save them

  • Post-War Insanity Essay

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    least characteristics of himself. His characters generally suffer from mild insanity and therefore hints that Vonnegut himself is possibly mildly insane. In each of his novels there are characters that are highly related to Vonnegut such as Kilgore Trout, Billy Pilgrim, and Eliot Rosewater. Each of these characters appear in different novels to help develop the plot and continue the relative