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  • The Importance Of Laughter

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    Laughter can be observed as children giggling on a playground or the businessman chuckling at his lunch meeting. Laughter is a core part of our everyday life. Many times laughter is so common we do it unconsciously. We are capable of laughing and smiling at just the right times during a conversation. It can direct the conversation in response to the social cues around us. This form of expression is much more than a response to comedy, instead it is the way of communicating with those around us. According

  • Therapies Of Laughter

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    Laughter tends to spread effortlessly among people and chimps when we see it happening around us. So why do the people around us affect our behavior? When someone laughs it's almost impossible not to join in. There are laughing therapies that people attend because humans love to laugh. De Waals chimps laugh during games and he can’t help but expresses a laugh of his own. Chimps join each other into the same behavior as easily as humans do. Shared laughter is one example of primate sensitivity. The

  • Definition Essay On Laughter

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    Laughter Essay “ Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but will surely add lie to your years. “ E.e Cummings. Humor is a god- given remedy. We all have that one joke we turn to, and we all have that type of humor we adore. With that being said, I feel everyone loves to laugh,and laughter is very important to have throughout our lives because it can cure the worst sickness ever, sadness. Imagine a world without laughter. When I do, I picture sadness, seriousness, and

  • Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

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    mental and physical well-being of a person. There are about 400 laughter yoga clubs all over the United States and thousands all over the world. WHAT IS LAUGHTER YOGA? Basically, laughter yoga is a kind of yoga that involves voluntary laughter, this was because it is believed that voluntary laughter affects the psychological and physiological aspect in a really good way, since it also has the same benefits as spontaneous laughter. This kind of yoga is most commonly done in groups, that involves

  • Using Laughter as Medicine

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    Using Laughter as Medicine The saying “laughter is the best medicine” is one that many people know. But is this actually true? Can laughter be used as a form of curing the body? With three out of four adults claiming to laugh four or more times a day (Polaroid Corp, 2004) it is something that is obviously easy to do, and of which the answer to the time old question of whether or not it is the best medicine, might surprise many skeptics out there. To laugh is defined as: “to express certain

  • The Theory Of Laughter And Humor

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    you ever considered the factors behind laughter? Three theorists- Hobbes, Freud, and Bergson- evaluate the subject of laughter and humor. In the first few paragraphs of Hobbes’ passage, he discusses how people degrade those they dislike. He then explains how humans desire to rise above others so they feel superior, making his theory known as the superiority theory. Hobbes believes that by human nature, witty jokes does not always produce laughter; laughter can be evoked by misfortunes or obscenities

  • Laughter Contagious Phenomenon

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    Why is Laughter Contagious? This online newsletter suggests how laughter is a contagious phenomenon as laughter triggers responses in the premotor cortical region of the brain. It also discusses on how laughter epidemic brought on by stress, causes mass psychogenic illness or mass hysteria. Thus, Gelotology, is a way of studying and finding out how laughter and the result on the human body could be seen from both a psychological and physiological perspective. Laughter, based on a neural basis

  • Benefits Of Laughter As Medicine

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    Using Laughter as Medicine There are thousands of medicines ranging from the modern medicines to those medicines that are not necessarily commonplace, hence the name alternative medicine. The question arises around the idea of what exactly “medicine” is. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines medicine as “the science that deals with preventing, curing, and treating diseases”. So with this vague definition what should be considered medicine? I say that laughter is definitely a medicine because of

  • Laughter : A Bond Between Friends

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    component that brings friends closer ? Laughter. Laughter is a drug you don’t have to physically take to feel good.Even though humor has no real health benefits and in some ways can be dangerous, a bond between friends can be created through laughter because humor is good psychologically and laughter unites people.There is a story I can recall about me and a friend, and it made us closer than anything else could. In that moment I felt as if I made a friend for life. Laughter is something that we share among

  • Definition Essay About Laughter

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    Define Laughter Laughter is a great emotion in life. Ninety five percent of people laugh and smile everyday. Laughter is an emotion everyone has experienced before. Laughter is a common emotion that shows happiness. Happiness yields many benefits whenever humans laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for any type of problem. Laughter makes people happy, but laughter can also make people mournful. When laughter is used to target and make fun of another individual, it becomes a negative emotion. Laughter