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  • Laura Kipnis Sexual Paranoia

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    At first glance, “Sexual Paranoia” by Laura Kipnis is appalling. Is she really saying she thinks it’s okay for students to hook up with their professors? What an awful woman. However, Kipnis develops a strongly written essay that will certainly get most people to at least understand her opinion. That’s not to say I agree with everything Kipnis says. Although her argument does contain some good points, it’s flawed in a lot of ways. Kipnis begins her argument by explaining how she feels sorry for

  • Love, By Laura Kipnis

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    crazy thing, one day is alive and growing and the next is fading until it completely dies. Everyone will have their own view on love, but love is vague, for one knows about today but not about tomorrow. In her critique of love, “Against Love,” Laura Kipnis offers a judgmental version of what constitutes “real love”. She questions whether we truly desire love, or rather, are conditioned to. She asserts that social forms accustomed us to pursue a love life so that we are entertained and wanted. But

  • My Title IX Inquisition : The Coddling Of The American Mind?

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    In College and Hiding from Scary Ideas I’m a Liberal Professor and My Liberal Students Terrify Me My Title IX Inquisition The Coddling of the American Mind These are but a few of the provocative headlines to capture the attention of faculty and administrators in recent years. Such essays, for many, introduced terms like trigger warnings, microaggressions, and safe spaces, now commonplace in media coverage of academic life in the 21st century. The stories they tell involve a wide range of issues

  • Review Of ' Against Love ' By Laura Kipnis

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    world is continuously surrounded by the notion of finding companionship in a single person and staying with them “until death do us part.” In “Against Love” by Laura Kipnis, Kipnis states, “If you love me, you’ll do what I want or need, or demand--- and I’ll love you in return” (Kipnis 805). “Carnal Knowledge” is a prime example of how Kipnis’ claim on love fails. Where a human being can pour his heart out to another person, do all he could to please and satisfy them and receive not an ounce of devotion

  • The Myth Of Love : Laura Kipnis 's Against Love

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    Love Laura Kipnis’s “Against Love”, and Raymond Carver’s “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love” ,brings up the issue of what is the definition of love and is love what we think it is. Love has changed in comparison to what it once was, and we now loosely use the term, but what does it truly mean, and why do we buy in to it. Kipnis’s essay develops the idea that this “mature love” is when someone can love and be loved, and she takes the position that this does not happen. Although Kipnis believes

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Against Love ' By Laura Kipnis Essay

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    seems to defy definition.  In her polemic “Against Love”, Laura Kipnis argues that love cannot exist as traditional expressions of love such as marriage, monogamy, and mutuality.  However, in her argument, she defines love incorrectly by equating love to expressions of love. This definition lacks a component essential to understanding the abstract concept of love: emotion. Recognizing love as emotion helps us realize that, contrary to Kipnis’ argument love by nature transcends all expressions of love

  • The author I have chosen to use to write about is Laura Kipnis and her essay: Love’s Labors. For

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    The author I have chosen to use to write about is Laura Kipnis and her essay: Love’s Labors. For this Capstone Essay I have chosen to write about Divorce rates, and how they have been increasing over the years. Divorce can come about in many different ways, each unique in the reason of interest/motivation to get a divorce. Kipnis speaks entirely to an audience ripe for divorce; adulterers, fantasizers, the side chick/guy, or even the suspicious spouse. The reasons of increased divorce vary depending

  • Analysis Of Richard Powers ' Work Gain Is A Tour De Force Of Whatever It Is Essay

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    Richard Powers’ work Gain is a tour de force of whatever it is. I say this, rather than describing it as merely a novel, although that is precisely what it is, because Powers has herein created something more than your typical story. In this work, two seemingly unrelated paths are set on ambagious paths which will ultimately culminate in their intertwining. On one path we are presented with the apotheosis of a specific corporation’s development, and on the other is the idiosyncratic life of an individual

  • The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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    the many difficulties that Tom, Laura, and Amanda face. As such, he burdens the family and ultimately has influence on Tom’s decision to leave them. Williams uses various literary devices to enhance the theme that one must act without pity in order to escape life’s struggles. The Glass Menagerie takes place in St. Louis, in 1937. The main protagonist, Tom, works in a shoe factory, and his only source of enjoyment is writing poetry and watching movies. His sister, Laura, is a crippled woman with little

  • Comparing Parents In The Glass Menagerie By James Williams

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    focus on personal needs. Amanda treats Laura like a child and constantly makes decisions for her, and she and keeps him from enjoying his life. Amanda belittles Laura’s self-ownership which makes Laura immature and helpless as an adult. When the subject of gentleman callers comes up, Amanda addresses Laura, saying, “How many do you suppose we’re going to entertain this afternoon? [...] [reappearing, airily] What? No one — not one? You must be joking! [Laura nervously echoes her laugh]” (Williams