Law enforcement in the United Kingdom

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Tort Law

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    Within Tort Law it has been acclaimed by most, that UK courts are not in favour of negligent claims brought against the police force. ‘There is no doubt that a police officer owes a duty to protect the public’ However, in many regards the police aren’t found to be guilty to owe any such duty. The Tort of negligence proclaims that one must be owed a duty of care to claim, otherwise negligence caused to the claimant due to the conduct of the defendant, is held without regard. As stated in the Police

  • Police And Crime Commissioners ( Pcc ) Have On Police Accountability And Governance

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    The focal point of this literature is the influence the Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) have on police accountability and governance. The managerialism of policing in England and Wales is examined through the introduction of the PCC, and their responsibilities and powers for developing future strategies are assessed. The potential influence of the PCC on the role of the chief constable and their relationship is considered. This article will also reflect on the opportunities and challenges provided

  • Connecting Factors Essay

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    United Kingdom courts may consider additional connecting factors in establishing domicile of origin, such as adoption. If the factor of adoption is not present in the case, United Kingdom courts do not permit changes of domicile of unmarried children under the age of 16 unless their parents from whom they depend change their domicile. The only exception to the general rule can be inferred from Section 4 of the Domicile and Matrimonial Proceedings Act 1973, according to which the domicile of dependency

  • The Rise Of Identity-Related Crime

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    legislators, prosecutors and law enforcement giving them the options and assistance in responding to domestic cases of identity theft. Furthermore, ECOSOC has passed multiple resolutions addressing the issue of identity theft calling for international cooperation in the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of economic fraud and identity-related crime with the most recent one being resolution 2013/39 passed in July of 2013. Moreover, INTERPOL has engaged in

  • The First Sex Offender Register Law

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    United States California enacted the first sex offender register law in 1944. However, sex offender registers in the United States did not become widespread until the 1990s. The Jacob Wetterling Act 1994 was named after 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling who was abducted and to this day has never been found. The Jacob Wetterling Act implemented the first nation-wide sex offender register. Originally, the concept of a sex offender register was intended to for use solely by law enforcement; it was not

  • Theme Of Imperialism In The Sign Of The Four

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    British Empire and India, one of its colonies in 1888, when the story is set. Several involvements between the two territories take place. One of them is the East India Company –the start of the capitalist relationship of dependence between the United Kingdom and India, where the dominating force extracts useful resources from the dominated party, a scheme in which the dominated party is only useful to the dominating force in economic terms–. This is an interesting point, since here one can understand

  • International Commercial Litigation Of The United Kingdom

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    International Commercial Litigation Fatemeh Hosseinpour Richard Earle December 3rd 2014 Word Count: 3421 The United Kingdom has three distinct legal jurisdictions, each independent of the other. The jurisdictions include England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are collectively referred to as the United Kingdom law. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that each of the systems has differences in the procedural manner that commercial litigations take place. The European

  • Law Enforcement Of The United States

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    Juan Lopez Ms. Dennaoui English 12 23 April 2015 Law Enforcement Imagine if there was no type of law enforcement code for a month in your city. Crime rates will be at an all-time high. People would have no sort of protection or stability. There would also be no one to control the people; no one will ensure peace amongst the people. Thanks to our police officers all of these possible dangerous situations are kept under control on a daily basis. Police officers put their lives on the line each day

  • International Commercial Litigation : The United Kingdom Law

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    Fatemeh Hosseinpour International Commercial Litigation Richard Earle December 4th 2014 Word Count: 3164 The United Kingdom law has three distinct legal jurisdictions, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are all independent of the other. However, it is vital to recognize that each of the systems has differences in the procedural manner that commercial litigations take place. The European regulation, Regulation 44/2001, deals with matters relating to jurisdiction, and the

  • Essay about Women in Law Enforcement

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    percentages of women that make up the larger law enforcement agencies across the country. "The percentage of sworn female officers in smaller agencies is even lower (most agencies in the U.S. have fewer than ten sworn officers) in spite of women comprising at least 46.5% of the entire labor force" (Felperin, Pg. 1). The United States is not the only country in the world struggling to promote the well-being and status of female police officers. The United Kingdom is presently trying to reorganize its police