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  • Corruption In I Claudius

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    possession of power can corrupt and alter individuals and society. Both works are set in times of political turbulence, times in which people would seize the opportunity to gain absolute power or at least an upper hand over others. In I, Claudius, Livia, Claudius’ grandmother, proves to be an incredibly ambitious woman, with the political acumen to match. Before the birth of the Roman Empire, the Second Triumvirate, consisting of Mark Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian (at that time), ruled the

  • Agrippina The Younger Analysis

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    Julia Augusta Agrippina, or more commonly, Agrippina the Younger was a Roman empress consort and one of the most distinguished women of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. In her earlier years, Agrippina, as well as her mother and older brother, were remorsly mistreated by Emperor Tiberius, who was only a stepson of Augustus. She would have learned at her mother's knee to despise usurpers who were not direct descendants of Augustus. Historians have long suspected that a childhood spent steeped in fear and

  • I Have Lived A Thousand Years By Livia Bitton-Jackson

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    What is the last really good book you’ve read? If you can’t name that book of the top of your head, I have a great suggestion for you. I Have Lived a Thousand Years, written by Livia Bitton-Jackson, is the story of a Elli Friedmann, a teenage girl, who is suddenly ripped from her daily life and forced to live in a concentration camp. You should read this book because it is fast-paced, it’s told from an unexpected point of view, and it will shed some light on life inside a concentration camp. With

  • How To Get Away From Pompei

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    Tranio and Livia run hand in hand...choking. On smoke………. Tranio and Livia escaped from the smoke and the rumbling city of Pompeii. They ran to the dock just in time. Tranio shouted in victory ‘We made it’!!! Tranio, Livia said. Look at the water. A tsunami. ‘My God’, said Tranio. Livia,Tranio said, We might not make it out of here

  • Creative Writing: Furat House Courtroom

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    Pretty soon it will be over and all those late nights spent at the library will be worth it. Just trust me. Elizabeth walks away, as drunk people stumble towards the house. Livia takes a step about to chase after her. But Sam wraps his arms around Livia. SAM Just stay. He passionately kisses her on the lips. Elizabeth walks up to the driveway and flings the door to her car WIDE OPEN. She gets in the car and slams the door shut. She puts the keys into the ignition

  • Analysis Of Thomas Middleton 's ' The Crucible '

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    bold, powerful women. In The Crucible, Abigail’s jealousy and desire to have revenge on Elizabeth Proctor has her manipulate everyone in the town of Salem causing hysteria. Livia, the widow in Women Beware Women strategically manipulates every person to turn their backs on each other which creates a tragedy. Abigail and Livia are the villains in their community but how they acquire their power is very different. While Abigail’s power comes from her intense desire for revenge on a specific person

  • The Era Of The Republic Essay

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    Augustus, arguing that a new visual language developed to express the ideals of the monarchy and to bolster the social changes desired by the new government. For instance, in 35 BCE, public statues of living women, honorific portraits of Augustus’ wife, Livia Drusilla, the first empress of Rome and his sister, Octavia, were initiated by Augustus and dedicated by a senatus consultum. Sadly, these portraits are only known from Cassius Dio and their original location of display in Rome is unknown. However

  • Women 's Influence On Society

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    had significant influence over men, for example Torrentius Neo’s wife, who had had influence over his business and was his business partner. Two other examples of women who had significant influence over men are Livia and Fulvia, who had influence over their husbands in politics. Livia also influenced her son, Tiberius, when he was Emperor of Rome. Women also had the power to make changes in society, like when a group a women joined together to repeal the Oppian Laws. In addition to influencing

  • The Four Novels

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    Claudius such as Livia, Claudius, Augustus, Tiberius and Caligula. Not only does Graves depict the main character, Claudius, clearly, but also deeply depict the characteristics of all the characters in the story. The author create all of them as round characters. Round characters "have multiple personality and traits and are thus more like real people" and are often not recognizable as stereotypes according to the definition in the Writing Essays About Literature (Griffith 61). Livia is a good example

  • Rule In A Short Story

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    plate of fried calamari in front of Elizabeth. PAM I know you’re eating more than just that. You can’t go out and not eat. ELIZABETH (hesitant, then) I’m staying in, I need to study. She grabs a spoonful of vegetables and shoves it into her mouth. LIVIA NASTAVI, walks into the kitchen and grabs a slice of pizza. She’s wearing a sparkly top, paired with a