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  • Movie Reflection

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    This film exemplifies the group dynamic by, showing how the characters in the movie interact with each other especially since they all come from different sociological groups in their school. In the beginning, it was difficult for them to get along. The characters in the movie are Claire Standish, who was in detention for skipping school to go shopping. Brian Johnson, was in detention for having a gun in his locker. Allison Reynolds, was in detention because she had nothing else to do. Andrew Clark

  • No Place For Sissies

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    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LGBT people need culturally competent medical care and prevention services (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2014). After viewing the video “Old Age is No Place for Sissies” I evaluated how I would care for this population as a nurse. Providing culturally competent care to this population is vital. A person should not avoid receiving preventive care and care for life threatening conditions due to a fear of discrimination

  • The Second Wave Of Feminism And The Gay Liberation Movement

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    These two films arrive amid the second-wave of feminism in the United States. During this time, the country saw the Post WWII era of family values, and mass consumerism. The civil rights movement became the topic of discussion throughout the media, and college students across the nation became political activist. The Vietnam war erupts as the main focus of the mid-60s, and tensions increase even more as the Gay Liberation Movement blooms into full effect throughout the 60s and 70s. With all the chaos

  • Self-Hatred In Carrie White

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    Carrie’s mom in the 2013 film is more interested in harming herself than harming Carrie White. In the original version there was a sense of self-hatred, but in the latest version that self-hatred is magnified. Margaret White’s self-harm in the original version seemed like a ploy to increase the fear of her daughter. However, in Pierce’s version anytime she is on screen in the new edition it raises her undisclosed infatuation with self-harm. In this film, it is apparent that a rape caused her unyielding

  • Mommy Bear Book Report

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    “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” said by Nelson Madela is the best quote to describe why children should be reading books about the LGBT community. The positioning of the difficult topic in classrooms can be shown through the research done by Ohio State University in high schools. By reading LGBT literature over time on a normal basis it normalized the idea to the children. Education is important to all children, but the education on the LGBT community is difficult

  • Sissy Jupe In The Movie 'Hard Times'

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    characters who would need talented actors and actresses to be able to represent them because of the characteristics they show that are hard to understand. The actress named Chloë Grace Moretz, or Mia in the movie If I Stay could represent the character of Sissy Jupe, as a result of her ability to be positive and know what it’s like to lose it all, But still have the ability to wonder and love. Tom Hiddleston in the movie Thor, who plays Loki, has the talent to be Mr. Bounderby being an evil person in the

  • Essay on The Difference Between Sissy And Bitzer

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    Times. Can anybody really define a horse? Cecilia Jupe, also known as Sissy, was unable to answer this question because she was, well, normal. Bitzer, the boy brought up in Coketown, the city of facts, answered, "Quadruped. Graminivorous. Forty teeth, namely, twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive..." (Pg. 4). Clearly the contrast between Sissy and Bitzer can be seen. The differences between Bitzer and Sissy are shown not only in their definitions of a horse, but also in their

  • Hard Times Sissy And Bitzer Analysis

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    characters Sissy and Bitzer are compared early in the novel. Dickens comparison is used to further the theme that a person needs both fact and fancy to have a morally developed personality. Dickens does this by portraying the effects of a life raised on only facts compared to a life raised on a combination of fancy and facts. Later this comparison continues showing how much Sissy has improved the lives of others, compared to Bitzer, who has ruined the lives of others. By having Sissy represent a

  • Carrie White Compare And Contrast

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    Contrasting the house De Palma made into an uncanny character of its own, this house is nice-looking and spacious; its yard and street are fertile and well-maintained; the walls appear freshly painted and light-colored; the furniture is pleasingly organized and equipped for company; and condemnatory male religious icons don’t border the female residents and shimmer down at them as they did in the previous version. Although some of the events that take place in the household are far from normal, the

  • Sissy's Aunt In A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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    Grows in Brooklyn, Sissy, the main character’s aunt, is seen as flirtatious and selfish. If you don’t know her you would think she just acts like a flirt but, if you look closer you see how affectionate and caring she really is. Many people see Sissy as a bad person. They describe her as “wild as far as men [are] concerned” (Smith 42). Sissy has been married three times but has had countless ‘flings’ including other men. This happens between her marriages, and some while married. Sissy also has given