Lords of Dogtown

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  • Analysis Of Stacy Peralta 's Film, Lords Of Dogtown And Z Boys And Crips And Bloods

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    was except that he was a former professional skateboarder. Later that night, I went on my computer and did research about who he was and that is when I found out about the Dogtown skate crew. All of the information that I gathered that night changed my life forever. I had scene both Dogtown films, Lords of Dogtown and Dogtown and Z-Boys. I rarely ever read the opening or closing credits, so I had never known that Stacy Peralta wrote the screenplay for the former and was a co-writer and director for

  • Dogtown And Z-Boys Film Analysis

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    neo-Noir film Chinatown (1974) directed by Roman Polanski and documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001) directed by Stacy Peralta. Both movies relate to various aspects and issues of urban studies and demonstrate various approaches towards the city, urban environment, and population. In Chinatown, for example, the movie makers cover the phenomenon of urbanization and it influence on the nearby territories and settlements. The movie Dogtown and Z-Boys, the issue of adaptive reuse of space is discussed

  • Skating : Sports Revolving Around Disrespect Of Authority With A Rebellious Attitude

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    Mini-Ramp Skating is a very misinterpreted sport revolving around disrespect to authority with a rebellious attitude. But it is much more than that. Skateboarding is an outlet for creativity, a stress reliever, and teaches you perseverance. It is a great and productive way to relieve stress, instead of sitting at home playing video games; it is a good break from everyday life. Skateboarding teaches you perseverance and how to take a fall. “You keep getting back up and pushing yourself, even after

  • Drone Racing: The Future Of The Sports Industry

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    The future of sports is among us! The sports industry hasn’t had a new break out sport since Generation Y took off with the first X-games in 1995. A six year straight decline in college football attendance (according to CBSnew.com’s Jon Solomon) and the drop of NFL ratings this past year, could be a sign that America’s most popular sport is on the decline and the market is ready for the next new sport, Gen Z’s sport. That sport is the up and coming Drone Racing League, a perfect combination of sports