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  • Poetical Rhetorical Analysis : Blackfish

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    Blackfish Rhetorical Device Analysis Blackfish is a documentary centered around the treatment of killer whales held in captivity, most notably that of Tilikum, an orca that was held by SeaWorld at its facility in Orlando, Florida. The documentary begins in 1983 with the capture of Tilikum and sheds light on the deaths involved with the infamous killer whale. Moreover, it features interviews with former SeaWorld employees who interacted with Tilikum and witnesses who were present for some of Tilikum’s

  • Los libros de Harry Potter Essay

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    Los libros de Harry Potter son algunos de los libros más vendidos de todos los tiempos. En este estudio, Susan Gunelius analiza todos los aspectos del fenómeno de la marca que es Harry Potter. Adentrarse en las guerras de precios, los valores de ingresos de taquilla, y de marca, entre otras cosas, esta es la historia del éxito de la marca, y es el caso de estudio perfecto para académicos, profesionales y estudiantes. Susan Gunelius tiene un título en marketing y pasó más de una década desarrollando

  • The Effects Of Seaworld On Our Culture

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    Whales in captivity are hurting others as well as themselves; for example, they have been seen and recorded performing acts of self-harming, smacking their heads against the sides of the pool repeatedly. Whales in captivity swim in trance-like states, forced to perform tricks for food, working endlessly for the pure entertainment of humans. Whales in captivity eat a monotonous diet, meaning it lacks variety. Orcas living in SeaWorld facilities are primarily fed dead herring, as opposed to diets including

  • Analysis Of The Documentary Blackfish

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    captivity. Blackfish not only presents this emotional story, but also illustrates that some of these whales who grow up in strained environments, (such as Tilikum) even resort to killing those it interacts with. Stories of a man killed in the sea-park Loro Parque, and a woman killed at SeaWorld by an orca, are both retold within the documentary. The backgrounds of the individuals are presented in a way that make both individuals likeable, and interviews are held with relatives of the deceased, which further

  • The Orca Ordeal Essay

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    new families, all for the purpose of show business. “Blackfish” shows footage of a mother orca going into extreme depression after being separated from her calf. Captive environments, such as SeaWorld in Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego or Loro Parque, in Spain, fail to create a realistic and natural seeming environment. Orcas need large open spaces to swim, and tanks cannot provide the size and diversity that an environment should have. Tilikum, perhaps the most famous of SeaWorld’s orcas, experienced

  • Human Mistreatment Of Orca Whales

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    Mistreatment of Orca Whales in Captivity A long time ago, a single, worldwide species and the ultimate omnivore, capable of preying upon any large vertebrate that swam into its vision, including fish, birds, mammals or reptiles, was discovered. It’s social behavior revolved around dominant adult males, which used their much larger size and aggressive behavior to take command of harems of females and young - rather like a lion with his pride. This mammal was the orca whale, also known as the “killer

  • Seaworld Essay

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    Death of a Trainer: Increasing Aggression of Orcas Due to Ghastly Conditions in SeaWorld SeaWorld is one of the world’s most popular amusement parks, offering huge roller coasters and animal shows for people of all ages. Their largest attractions are their orca shows, showing several of their killer whales performing tricks with trainers. While, to many viewers, these performances show how docile these wild creatures are with their human counterparts, the destructive practices of SeaWorld have radically

  • The Pros And Cons Of Animal Captivity

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    “Captive animals are abused and exploited in a variety of settings, including research and product testing, the entertainment industry, fur farms, and the exotic ‘pet’ trade” (Born Free USA). Zoos are holding animals all around the world captive. Zoos are not letting them live in their natural habitats and roam free. Captive animals are are not healthy and it's not good for the environment. For example bornfreeusa.org states “Every year, captive exotic animals are involved in incidents in which humans

  • The Case Of The Killer Whales

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    Killer whales, also known as Orca’s, are the largest members of the dolphin family and the top predator in their ecosystem. They are one of the most intelligent marine creatures, especially due to their acute senses of sight and hearing. The word Orca means connection and leadership. People travel from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of the astounding whale. Their beauty has mesmerized humans for generations, but for many Orca’s, captivity limits their freedom and enjoyment of life. In

  • Seaworld Park, California, Florida, And Texas

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    SeaWorld opened in 1964 along the Mission Bay in San Diego, stretching a total of 21 acres. When they first started, their park only had 45 employees, a few dolphins, sea lions, and two saltwater aquariums. Today, several parks are spread out throughout the southern United States in California, Florida, and Texas. SeaWorld provides various shows every day with special perks for high paying guests, such as swimming with dolphins and other sea dwellers. A majority of their shows include orcas