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  • Descriptive Essay On The Green Tree

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    A Visit He pointed to the grove of trees beyond the dirt road. “That’s where your grandmother is from.” “Well, where exactly? That one green tree or the green tree?” She cracked a smile. It all looked the same to her. The muddy people, the dirt roads and the sea of green. A cow passed by on the dirt road, it’s tail swishes back and forth like the orange glow of a cigarette. He didn’t know how to tell her that he didn’t know, letting pride sit in place of false memories. “They are going to kill

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Wild ' By Jon Krakauer

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    On June 13, 1971, the New York Times headline read, “Vietnam Archive: Pentagon Study Traces 3 Decades of Growing U.S. Involvement”. Days earlier, Daniel Ellsberg provided the newspaper with excerpts from a 7,000-page classified study that became known as the Pentagon Papers. Just over 20 years later, moose hunters found the decaying remains of an adventurer in the Alaskan wilderness. The remains were concluded to be those of Chris McCandless, an affluent 20-something from Virginia, who wound up dead

  • Descriptive Essay On Canada Day

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    I think they call it Canada Day. A holiday in the middle of summer not unlike Independence Day in the United States. On this occasion, I happened to be visiting friends in Tete Juene Cache, British Columbia, several hundred miles into the interior. Tete Jeune was the French word for 'Yellow Head'. The name, like the town itself, was a vivid reminder of the not-so-long-ago gold rush days. Fewer than a thousand residents hid in the forests and canyons of this small settlement that clung to the western

  • My Experience In My Life

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    Skrt Skrt! Dust blew through the air as Kiley and I sat in complete silence. Looking around in awe, I realized we finally settled somewhere other than the gravel road we started on.. Smashed and unrecognizable, the tahoe rested in the ditch next to my dad’s cornfield. What just happened? I vaguely remember my mom’s voice telling me in the past that parents set rules for a reason and although kids usually ignore not like them, they provide boundaries to ensure everyone's best interest. Cold and scared

  • The Quarry Creative Writing

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    out of the gravel lot onto the road. Shifting into drive he slowly accelerated heading down out of the hills and towards King’s Valley. He took that quiet highway down to Eugene to hunt for an alibi. Alex had taken Shayla on the most embarrassing date in that car. Other cars were honking and passing him when lights turned green. He floored it and the damn thing crawled through intersections. He could gradually get it to 25 mph, and then let up on the gas a bit. “Well at least

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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    Similar to other national parks in the country, bicycles are generally allowed on most roads in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Although this is the case for most, if not all roads, it is important to bear in mind that inclement weather and other unfavorable conditions should dictate when you should explore these trails. As most of the national park is geared towards hikers, campers and individuals who simply would like to explore nature, this in no way means that trails meant specifically

  • Descriptive Essay About Homework

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    Gemless As I parked in the gravel filled lot I settled in my car for a few minutes contemplating homework from each of my classes. I stepped outside with my belongings; there was a slight breeze from the remnants of Hurricane Harvey. Clouds dotted the orange tinted sky as the sun tried to climb up to be fully seen. The day right from the start seemed like a good day so I went about smiling and walked blissfully to my normal seat next to my friends. We prepared for the coming

  • The Importance Of Human Physical Strength In The Ancient World

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    Humans in the ancient world definitely took advantage of their physical strength. Five great examples of this are: building roads, quarrying, operating cranes, digging wells, and constructing tunnels. All of these tasks could only be completed with an immense amount of endurance and strength. Anything from laying rocks to digging out an entire tunnel was a difficult and grueling task. In many cases, a great deal of human physical strength was required to fully exploit the technologies and technical

  • What Is A Road Trip Essay

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    Top Tips for Road Trips Intrepid travellers know that if one wishes to see the very best of a country, any country, one must get behind the wheel of a car. And so it is with Costa Rica, a land blessed with natural treasures and plenty of cultural experiences. While flying or riding coach from place to place is certainly rewarding enough here, there’s nothing which can compare to the priceless freedom granted by a self-drive road trip. Plus you can choose the tunes and, let’s face it, that’s really

  • Upper Falls Descriptive Writing

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    Jeremy while he was driving. Every time I looked out of the window I saw beautiful shades of red or yellow. The second to last road that we turned onto was a gravel road with a bunch of twists and hills. Jeremy loved these type of roads, especially when he had the blazer to play with. We passed our usual spot that we take to get to the lower falls and turned onto the actual road that takes us into the park itself. There were only two to three other cars parked at the lower falls, one of them started