Māori mythology

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  • Cultural Legacies

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    The cultural legacies of the Maori reveals to a great extent the properties of their society in addition to the skills possessed by the Maori. They were a very culturally rich civilization, and harboured some of the most well known ancient practices that still leave a mark on New Zealand today. Above all, was the haka dance, which could have its roots traced back to before the Polynesians inhabited New Zealand. The haka was very important in Maori culture and was used for many important occasions

  • Whale Rider Character Analysis

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    conflicted and under pressure to stick to her grandpas rules, as she wants to go her own way. Her grandpa finds it hard to see Paikea as her own person and can’t accept modernity, which he is not used to. He also stops her from learning the ways of a Maori chief, which is something she still tries to do in secret with the help of the rest of her family. Koro sometimes fails to see what Paikea can do, as he feels very strongly about old traditions, but other times he sees what she can do and fails to

  • Essay about The Maori Culture

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    The Maori Culture Introduction The following paper examines the history and religion of the ancient Maori people. It is my belief that exploration of traditional belief systems and ritualistic practices will lead to a greater understanding of the Maori culture in present-day New Zealand. The objective of the paper is to illustrate the Maoris’ unique perception and spiritual connection with their natural environment. Brief Maori History The Maori, “Children of Heaven”, are the indigenous

  • Te Pouhere: The Constitution of the Anglican Church in Aotearo, New Zealand and Polynesia

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    This transformation of Māori from a previously solely spoken language into a written form had two major effects. The first was the ability, and so necessity to write the treaty in a Māori form, and secondly that, in order to communicate the concepts laid out in English, familiar conceptual ideas would have to be used in Māori, many of which had, through Luke, taken on a greater level of spiritual significance in regard to Christian thought. This can be seen in Māori conception of te Tiriti as

  • Colonisation Assignment

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    from Britain came to New Zealand in 1840, after the agreement with Maori gave This assignment will define colonisation in the Aotearoa New Zealand context and discuss how Te Tiriti o Waitangi relates to colonisation for both Maori and non Maori. It will

  • Effect of Colonisation

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    Maori world views were encapsulated in Whakapapa, which provided them with their identity, in Whanau, Hapu, Iwi and Whenua, the land. Their world views also included believing in wairuatanga (spiritual connection to the natural environment), kaitiakitanga, which is that people are linked to all living and non – living things and it is the responsibility of the mankind to safeguard the ecosystem. In addition, they believed in oneness (kotahitanga) and manaakitanga - the ability to care for others

  • Whale Rider Analysis

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    The story of Whale Rider takes place in a Maori village in New Zealand. The main character is a 12 year old girl name Paikea “Pai” Apirana and her ambition to become the next Chief of her village. Along with following on Pai’s story, the movie showed a great number of local Maori religion and culture. Some of the things I will explore is the Maori religion, gender roles, and a personal reflection on what was learned through the movie. Maori Religion focuses on animism. Three aspects of this religion

  • Difference Between the Maori People and the Kiwi's Culture of New Zealand

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    trees, long white beaches, spouting geysers and active volcanoes. For my assignment, I have chosen to research the difference between the Maori people- and the kiwi’s culture. For this, the history of these two people are

  • The Driving Causes Of The Taranaki War

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    conflicting beliefs about sovereignty between the Maori and Pakeha, conflicting beliefs about land ownership between the Maori and Pakeha and the selling of the Pekapeka block. A significant cause of the Taranaki wars is the Musket Wars. Musket wars were inter tribal wars between different Maori tribes in the 1820s/18230s. They were one of the most lethal inter tribal wars in Maori history due to the introduction of Muskets by the British. Historically, Maori wars were fought in the Autumn after food had

  • Maori Art Essay

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    When looking at Maori art, there is one thing that sticks out amongst everything else with me, and with most likely everyone that sees it for the first time, this is their tattooing skills. They are equipped with many other art skills such as their carvings, weaponry, and townhouses, but the tattoos represent the tribe as a whole and are visible on the people themselves.      The art of tattoo was brought to New Zealand by the Polynesians when they migrated to New Zealand