Minor scales

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  • Peter Hadreas Essay

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    tone changes, from low to high. Similarly, the tempo was constantly changing between fast and slow, much like the timbre. The keys that Hadreas played were a mix between major and minor keys. This was to represent the back and forth of argument and dialogue, mentioned in stage 4, between “traditional and exotic scales”. The dynamic of the piece seems like it was forte, especially since it resembles a dispute. During these parts that Hadreas described as “call and response”, the timbre of the piece

  • Analysis Of A Band Concert

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    Jonathan Moules Mr. P. Smallwood MUSG 101 Sec 7196 December 4, 2017 Modesto Junior College Symphonic Band Fall Concert Name: MJC Symphonic Band Fall Concert Performers: MJC Symphonic Band Venue: MJC Performing Arts Building Date: December 4, 2017 Time: 7:00pm The concert performed Fortress by Frank Tichelli, Parade of the Cliches by Livingston Gearhart, Military March by Ludwig van Beethoven and arranged by Berkowitz, Symphonic Prelude: Eternal Father by Elliot Del Borgo, Grand Serenade for an

  • The Life of Pianist Ju-Fang Essay

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    pianist, they passed around melodies and harmonies. I noticed that his arm would hang over his bass when he shifted up. He had continuous vibrato and the music itself sounded dark. Perhaps it was in a minor key? The fourth song was happy and exciting to listen to. His music switched between major and minor a few times. He was always listening carefully to check for intonation. Joseph Conyers: Joseph H. Conyers was appointed assistant principal bassist of the Philadelphia Orchestra in 2010. He joined

  • What Does Cobie Cailop Try Essay

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    The standards society hold for women today are wiped away in Colbie Caillat’s song Try. Caillat uses simplicity and a contemporary music style in Try to convey the suffocation women feel because they try to live up to these stereotypes in the 21st century. When Caillat wrote her song, she used repetition of her lyrics to hit home the theme that women are beautiful inside and out. Caillat stated in an interview that “When you have a cute outfit on and your makeup looks amazing, the first thing

  • Analysis Of Singers Unlimited

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    As a prelude to the wondrous holiday season, I attended Singers Unlimited, a performance by the Hofstra Jazz Ensemble. The performance was a shining example of American creativity, with over a dozen historical masterpieces of Jazz on display. This paper will analyze every song played in Singers Unlimited, and discuss the musical factors which truly made them the gems of history. The first song, Strike up the Band, is the product of George Gershwin and arranger Sammy Nestico. The piece is played in

  • What Is Disappointment And Disillusionment?

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    is said that partners who manage this phase well have a much better chance at developing the skills they require in order to deal with the challenges of the coming years. And to be honest, that is what relationships are all about, pushing through minor differences and hard times. Disappointment and Disillusionment This is the period when your hopes begin to sunk. It’s when you start to get the impression that your feelings may one day disintegrate, never to return. That your partner is becoming

  • Chopin- Raindrop Prelude Analysis

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    piano. Structure, Tonality, Modulations and General Musicianship TERNARY FORM | A | B | A (2)/Coda | Bars | 1-27 | 28-75 |  76-89 | Key Signature/Modulations | Dᵇ Major | C# Minor (enharmonic equivalent) | Dᵇ Major | The piece has a time signature of 4/4 (C=common time) and is primarily in Db Major, modulating to C# Minor (the enharmonic equivalent). The accompaniment (left hand) through section A is based around the tonic and dominant chords- Dᵇ and Aᵇ- with the repeated quavers being Aᵇ - the

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Schubert 's Elfking '

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    Schnell, they show without imitating the movement of the steed conveying the father and child, and the breezy night. Over this, with G minor as the all-encompassing tonic of the piece, Schubert has seemingly settled on the most routinely sensational decision; something his Sturm und Drag antecedents would have affirmed of. A similar piece in G major or even E minor would likely be indistinguishable with the previously mentioned dim state of mind of the ballad and its undauntedly terrible conclusion

  • Summary Of Brahms Symphony No. 4

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    Brahms wrote Symphony No. 4 in E Minor in 1884. The work was first performed in Meiningen, Germany in October 1885 and was an instant success because of its masterful composition and unique style. Brahms’s music and his fourth symphony are often viewed as a bridge between the music of the baroque and romantic era. Although Brahms is considered to be a romantic composer, his music is unique from others because you can hear both the style of older-era composers and features of romantic style in the

  • How My Major and Minor Will Help in My Endeavors

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    Explaining the importance of my major and minor is very simple. My major will be general business; the reasoning behind this choice is I have always been fascinated by business. I loved my economics classes which fueled my interest for investing and looking at companies and gauging their worth and risk. In this regard i feel like having a general business degree will help me find a job in anything business as I will have a wide spread knowledge on the topic, while I do love business that is not my