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  • Characteristics Of A Modern Day Hero

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    importantly, a hero. Someone I would consider a modern-day hero is Derek Shephard, from the TV show “Grey´s Anatomy”. A hero is someone who is able to help others without any interest that would benefit him/her behind his actions Derek is a perfect example of a modern-day hero. He is selfless and works as a doctor with the main goal of helping others. Right before a surgery he says to everyone in the OR: “Today is a beautiful day to save lives.” Derek is worthy of the title of a modern-day hero because

  • Odysseus: A Modern Day Hero

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    Spider-Man is your average modern day hero, he is a citizen who was bitten by an unusual and peculiar spider which gave him powers and abilities such as being able to shoot webs out of his hands and climb walls without the need of any equipment. And Odysseus is a Greek hero who was strong, heavily favored by the gods, and could take down any and all challenges he´d ever have to face. And if you ever compared the two you would see that both characters are extremely different. Why you would see this

  • How Is Odysseus A Modern Day Hero

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    years to get home when it should have really only took him three weeks. Odysseus uses and manipulates people on his way home and this is what does not make Odysseus a modern day hero. Odysseus really shows his arrogance an egotistical ways when it comes to him getting out of trouble. Some people may say that Odysseus is a modern day hero because, he is always doing these flamboyant

  • Characteristics Of Beowulf A Modern Day Hero

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    (and not for fame). A modern day hero usually shows these types of acts. However, an Anglo-Saxon hero shows some of the opposite traits, including violence. Beowulf is one of a good example of an Anglo-Saxon hero. However, Beowulf shouldn’t be considered as a modern day hero today because he had different super abilities that a normal person doesn’t have, he uses the acts of violence, and he’s really boastful about himself. Beowulf wouldn’t be considered a modern day hero because he uses the acts

  • Abraham Lincoln: A Modern Day Hero

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    Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln is a modern day hero because he is compassionate for abolishing slavery, freeing slaves from harsh environments in the confederacy, and his speech to prove equality among caucasians and african americans. His name was Abraham Lincoln, he was born on february 12, 1809. Abraham was born near hodgenville, kentucky. He is a husband to Mary Ann Todd Lincoln and a father to Edward, Wille, Thomas, and Robert. One of Abraham's accomplishments was successfully passing the

  • Jason Witten: A Modern Day Hero

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    there is light created by those who want to make a difference. These people are the modern day heros. They don’t wear capes or fancy suits, but range from regular people to super star celebrities. Of this group the one modern day hero that stand out for many to me is Jason Witten. There are many reasons that Jason Witten is a hero. From his charity work to his camps, he deserves the the title of a modern day hero. Jason Witten was born on May 6, 1982, in Washington D.C where he and two brothers

  • Examples Of Odysseus: A Modern Day Hero

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    ” A Hero is someone who does nice things or saves a person from something. Homer wrote a book called The Odyssey, which was based on Odysseus, who is considered a hero and is tested by the Greek gods. In the story Scylla & Charybdis, Odyssey knew if he went against Scylla he would lose some men. However, he took the chance and went through it just to get back home. In Ancient Greeks he is a hero, but he's not considered a modern day hero. More or less people believe that Odysseus is a Modern Day

  • Modern Day Hero Research Paper

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    world are society’s true heroes. This is Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX is my hero; Elon used his gift of intelligence to make billions of dollars, however, he chooses not to live the life of a business tycoon. Elon chooses to live a life of being the world’s leading engineer and inventor of technology that is world changing and is evolving the human race as a population. Billionaire inventor, Elon Musk, is a modern-day hero as he leads invention in engineering of technology that helps the world become

  • Beowulf Modern Day Hero Essay

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    The Almighty One In the movie Spider-Man, the hero has a rivalry with the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin taunted Spiderman for a very long time until the alter ego of Peter Parker had enough of the Goblin. Every encounter between Spiderman and Green Goblin always turn into a retreat of the Goblin but at the very end of the movie, Spiderman turns out to be victorious. Spiderman is considered to be a modern day hero. An Anglo-Saxon hero is a hero from the Medieval years and fights with swords, not

  • Beowulf Comparison to Modern Day Hero

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    differences, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common, heroes. They help define who we are and what we want to be. They give us hope and inspire us to head in the right direction. They show us that good will always triumph over evil and that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Heroes give us the inspiration we need to overcome problems in our own lives and that is why we create them. Beowulf perfectly embodies the idea of a hero. He defeats the evil Grendel and