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  • Essay Helen Keller: Author, Lecturer, Political Activist

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    Helen Keller is one of the most inspirational people in American history. She had to overcome physical disabilities and many other obstacles to live the life that she did. Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her parents, Arthur Keller and Kate Adams, both served for the Confederates in the Civil War (Thompson, 2003). Like most parents, they were ecstatic when Keller was born. At 18 months old, she was a happy, healthy baby already learning to say her first few words. However

  • Helen Keller: The Story Of My Life

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    Helen Adams Keller was born on 27th June 1880. She was an american author and also she was a lecturer, and a political activist. She was born in West Tuscumbia, Alabama which is now a museum. Her birthday is celebrated as the “Helen Keller Day” in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She was the first person who even after being blind and deaf earned a degree of bachelors in arts. The story behind how Keller’s teacher Anne Sullivan helped her to learn how to communicate is widely known by the play and film “The

  • The Statue Of Richard Stockton

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    The statue of Richard Stockton, sculpted by artists Henry Kirke Brown and H.K. Bush-Brown, was given to the National Statuary Hall Collection by the state of New Jersey in 1888. It resides in the Crypt at the U.S. Capitol. Son of John Stockton, the founder of the College of New Jersey, Richard Stockton was schooled in law at Samuel Finley’s West Nottingham Academy. Stockton was known to associate with many influential people, including General George Washington and Benjamin Rush. With the aid

  • American Art Project

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    American Art Project Jacquilynn Weaver HIUS 221-B38 LUO February 28, 2014 It is believable that John Vanderlyn, in his painting Landing of Columbus, was trying to portray the success of Columbus and his crew. Columbus heroic stance and elegant expression are made all the more impressive in comparison to the native people who witness the event. The Native Americans are naked, fearful or subservient, bowing down before the explorer in awe and reverence. The symbols of empire are shown in the heroic

  • Essay On Evelina Lopez

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    In 1993 she was inducted postnumosly into the Nevada's writers hall of fame. In 2005 the state of nevada contributed a statue of her by scultpor. Benjamin victor to the national statuary hall collection in the US capitol. Winnecuma legacy has been contributed , as some bigoraphers have wished to remember her primarily for her activism and social work to better the conditions for her

  • Essay about The US Capitol Building

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    The US Capitol Building Our nation's revolution was a great achievement in U.S History. With the dawn of a new nation, there would have to be a central location to make the new decisions of our country. Our capitol has stood as the heart of our country since the late 1700s. The United States capitol is among the most architecturally impressive and symbolically important buildings in the world. For almost two centuries it has housed the meeting chambers of the senate and the House of Representatives

  • Benjamin Henry Latrobe : United States Capitol

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    Benjamin Henry Latrobe: United States Capitol The United States of America was founded upon the motto E Pluribus Unum “out of many one”. Out of the 196 countries found in the world, the United States of America sticks out as the pinnacle. The United States is the most powerful country in the world and the most important building that resides in it is the United States Capitol. A number of architects were assigned with the task to design and oversee the building of the United States Capitol, but

  • Aavin

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    AREA PROFILE Country | India | State | Tamilnadu | District | Tirnelveli | Subdistict(s) | Tirunelveli,Palayam kottai,Sankaran kovil, Ambasamudram, Nanguneri, Kadayanallur, Radhapuram, Tenkasi, Shenkottai, Alangulam, Veerakeralmpudur, Sivagiri. | District formed on | September 01,1790 | Headquarters | Tirunelveli | Largest city | Tirunelveli | Legislature(seats) | elected(11) | Sex ratio | Male - 49% / Female - 51% | Governement:Body | Tirunelveli city Municipal corporation

  • Essay on Biography of Samuel Adams

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    Biography of Samuel Adams Samuel Adams: From the National Statuary Hall Collection at the U.S. Capitol Among those who signed the Declaration of Independence, and were conspicuous in the revolution, there existed, of course, a great diversity of intellectual endowments; nor did all render to their country, in those perilous days, the same important services. Like the luminaries of heavens each contributed his portion of influence; but, like them, they differed, as star differeth from star in