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  • Different Study Designs When Investigating Cognitive And Neural Ageing Using Neuroimaging

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    1. There are various advantages and disadvantages of different study designs when investigating cognitive and neural ageing using neuroimaging. Several theories of cognitive ageing have been based on cross-sectional designs where there is a common understanding that multifarious age studies can lead to a better understanding of the propinquity among age-related processes (Hofer, Sliwinski and Flaherty, 2002). This method is proven to be cost effective, renders quick results, and is the

  • Neuromarketing

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    flood of emotions rushes into their brain and impact the synaptic connections between the neurons making them faster and stronger. As a result, consumers will remember events better when they have experienced them with strong emotions. Analyzing Neuroimaging Techniques In order to measure the brain effectively, neuromarketers use the latest technology that assess the brain’s activity most accurately. Although there are apparently many techniques that scientists propose, only a few have stood the

  • Essay on Discovering Further Links between Language and Music

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    Arguably, language is the one thing that sets humans apart from animals. The capacity to share thoughts and ideas through the spoken word allows humans to function as a group, enabling humanity to function as an entity greater than the sum of its separate individuals. Music shares similar properties, as it is also transmitted and perceived through sound. Both have the potential to connect people and are innate properties of the human being. The aim of this paper is to discover further links between

  • The Effects Of Estrogen And Postmenopausal Women

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    In this article, researchers wanted to assess the effects of estrogen and progesterone treatment on visual and verbal cognitive function in postmenopausal women. In the abstract, researchers identified estrogen, progesterone, and synthetic progestin as the hormones in question. However, researchers did not identify the ultimate reason why these hormones were important to women who experienced menopause. In fact, the researchers did not define postmenopausal women, the symptoms they experience, or

  • The Self Reference Effect On Mother

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    The extensibility of the self-reference effect to mother Organism used the sense of self to distinguish itself from the immediate external environment (Neisser, 1988). The idea of ‘extended self’ suggested that the self was not limited to the body but also incorporate with self-relevant information (Kim & Johnson 2012). The self-object associations was developed as far back as early childhood, which showed that ownership was important in cognition (Cunningham, Turk, Macdonald, & Macrae, 2008). Three

  • A Short Period Of Critical Development

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    roplasticity? Abstract Introduction Traditionally neuroscientists believed that when you were born, after a short period of critical development just after birth, brain plasticity was fixed. Over 100 years ago Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the father of modern neuroscience, was the first to famously suggest that the brain could actually modify its structural and functional organisation post childhood in response to environmental stimuli saying “Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor

  • Computer Aided Diagnosis Systems For Infectious Diseases Essay

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    Dr. Bagci has published numerous studies in informatics of radiology spanning from development of computer aided diagnosis systems for infectious diseases to general image analysis techniques in MRI, CT, PET, and histology images, and development of image enhancement and reconstruction methods both in clinical, pre-clinical, and technical fields [11-65]. His works appeared in top-tier journals such as Nature Communications, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Journal of Virology, Journal of Pathology

  • Parkinson's Disease Essay

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    Simply because the imaging methods used such as CCT or an MRI are structural neuroimaging methods that cannot provide characteristics that are generally featured in PD, both which are commonly tools used by physicians. However, it is possible for the physician to use functional neuroimaging methods such as PET and SPECT, which are definitive and more accurate in diagnosing patient’s first sign of parkinsonism. This form of early diagnosis

  • Brain Reflection

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    The Literate Brain seminar is part of the online lecture series called the Evolving Brain. The lecture began with a short video explaining clarity. Clarity is a way of looking at the brain in which the brain becomes transparent and specific markers can be used to highlight different features. This is done through the use of a mesh designed to keep the parts of the brain in place and then the fats and lipid bilayer are removed to make the brain transparent. This allows researchers to more clearly

  • Notes On ' Black And White ' And Shades Of Gray Essay

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    Emotions in “Black and White” or Shades of Gray? The article that I have chosen to write is that of the authors Ajay B. Satpute, Erik C. Nook, Sandhya Narayanan, Jocelyn Shu, Jochen Weber, and Kevin N. Ochsner. The article is entitled “Emotions in ‘Black and White’ or Shades of Gray? How We Think About Emotion Shapes Our Perception and Neural Representation of Emotion.” This article speaks on how social life and interactions of social life forms categorized judging of different emotions one deals