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  • Nursing Career Essay

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    emergency room nurse. They have to work in fast-paced and often stressful environments (“how to become an emergency nurse”. I've always enjoyed watching ER nurses do their jobs. Good thing they get paid a lot to deal with that many people at once. Oklahoma is ranked number thirty nine out of all the states on which has a higher median pay for nurses (“Highest paying states for nurses”). The average annual wages of nurses in May of 2016 was $68,450 . That is approximately $32.91 an hour (“Summary”)

  • C200

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    UCO, I completed courses at both Oklahoma City Community College and OSU-OKC. My very first semester of college was at OCCC where I was straight out of high school. I finished high school online, so starting over and going to class was a learning curve for me. I was very anxious and shy starting out. I remember the first day of class, it was Intro to Psychology, and before going into class I cried in my car for twenty minutes because I was so nervous. I thought college would be an extension of high

  • The Library Of Alexandria Campus Library

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    The main goal of libraries, are to teach students how to make use of the resources. The library of NVCC dedicates itself into helping students at the Alexandria campus. That is why it provides a wide range of sources that aids its students. Whether it is for a class, a job, or a research, the library has the materials they need to execute their work. In the words of Robert Putnam, a political scientist who teaches at Harvard University, he said that “People may go to the library looking mainly for

  • Nursing Career : Identification And Description Of A Career

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    Identification and description of career The career I chose is nursing because since I was a little girl i have always felt antipathy taking care of people and learning about the human anatomy. Both my parents believe that me being a registered nurse will most suit me in the future. “Being a registered nurse provides coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members” (“Summary”)

  • Manifest Destiny, By John O ' Sullivan

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    term “Manifest Destiny” was first introduced by a magazine editor, John O’Sullivan, written in the United States Magazine and Democratic Review in 1845 to express the idea that the United States had a unique role in expanding the nation (OpenStax College 316,483). Manifest Destiny is widely defined as a justification of continental expansion as a calling to the American citizens to unify the land into the Union. I view Manifest Destiny as white males expressing their ideals of white supremacy unavoidably

  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Into The Medical Field

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    Talking with my parents I have a lot of family members that went into nursing and they informed me about the careers my family had, and I decided that I wanted to be a nurse. When I graduated in 2007 I began my collegiate adventure at Northern Oklahoma College in Enid, Oklahoma I was ready

  • Personal Statement : My Identity

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    My Identity What describes my identity? This is a question I have rarely been asked, and, it has me thinking, because I belong to a lot of groups. We all belong to multiple groups in my case, I am a college student, Christian, music, African American male, caring for my future, love spending time with family, I love traveling, and I live in the United States of America. Although there are more, these are groups that relate to me and generally relate to others. Different events shape my identity

  • Fa Tournament Research Paper

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    Though No. 11 seed VCU took No. 2 seed Oklahoma to the wire and the No. 6 seed Notre Dame needed a last second tip-in by Rex Pflueger to outlast 14th-seeded Stephen F. Austin, the higher seeds generally held their ground. This year’s Cinderella, Middle Tennessee, lost its glass slipper in a loss

  • Arlington Real Estate Research Papers

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    twenty percent of the total jobs in Northern Virginia. This is the reason why most of the Arlington realtors consider Arlington County to be an ideal investment hub for both business owners as well as commuters. Not only this, Arlington also has excellent public schools like the Yorktown High School, the Washington - Lee high School, the Kenmore Middle School to name a few and even colleges and universities like the Marymount University, the University of Oklahoma, the Art Institute of Washington,

  • Racial Integration in College Football in the 1950s

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    in 1959” (Carter). During this decade, predominately white institutions started integrating their teams more, mainly in the south. The last major college in the south to integrate their football team was the University of Texas who signed walk-ons E.A Curry and Robinson Parsons in 1967. It took some time but seeing at least one black player on college team became common, however not necessarily social acceptable. Racism was an accepted ideology for many years and it wasn’t going to just be rejected