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  • In Liam O'Flaherty´s The Sniper, all of these are brought to an acute reality in a single war-torn city.

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    In Liam O'Flaherty´s The Sniper, all of these are brought to an acute reality in a single war-torn city. Strong cerebral convictions and opposing philosophies, due to which people want to destroy. The Sniper How does the author depict the turmoil and plight in a war-torn city in “The Sniper”? Anger, pain, death and remorse- all unpleasant, but all are faced and handled in every war. In Liam O'Flaherty's "The Sniper," all of these are brought to an acute reality in a single war-torn city

  • The Sniper Short Story Analysis

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    suspense by having an increase in pacing, through the words in the story, decreasing/slowing down is used through words like “still, and paused” Finally, he creates suspense by having back to back rapid conflicts, The suspense is created by Liam O’Flaherty, who is the author of this short story suspense. Throughout this story you're faced with feelings of anticipation, suspense, and you may even appear to be solicitous. Showing empathy, and being held on the edge of your seat throughout each captivating

  • The Sniper 'And The Man He Killed'

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    The similar theme is that war changes people and tears them apart due to the pain and suffering of the war. “Cursing the war, cursing himself, cursing everybody”(O’Flaherty 208). The quote helps show that the war may cause you to curse things you never would've before, like, yourself. And from the poem “He thought he’d list perhaps/ Off hand like just as I/ Was out of work, had sold his traps/ No other reason why”(Hardy

  • The Sniper Essay, Liam O'Flaherty

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    The Sniper Commentary “The Sniper” by Liam O’ Flaherty is a short story about a sniper, set in the Irish Civil War. The author uses characterization, symbolism and third person limited point of view to develop the central theme of the horrors of war. The main character in the story is the mysterious Sniper, who is serving active duty in the Irish Civil War for the Republicans. The story opens with the Sniper attempting to eat on a rooftop, when an enemy sniper opens fire on him. He retaliates

  • The Sniper Short Story

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    In Liam O'Flaherty's suspense short story, The Sniper, A Republican sniper is in the midst of a battle in Dublin, Ireland. He gets injured and must kill his Free- Stater enemy. What he wasn’t aware of was the fact that the Free-Stater sniper was his brother. As aforementioned in the first sentence, the story is all about suspense, and there are three key ways The Sniper builds suspense. The Sniper draws out moments that wouldn’t ordinarily be drawn out, speeds up several events in rapid fire, and

  • The Psychological Effects of War Exposed in The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty

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    The Psychological Effects of War Exposed in “The Sniper,” by Liam O’Flaherty War can destroy a man both in body and mind for the rest of his life. In “The Sniper,” Liam O’Flaherty suggests the horror of war not only by presenting its physical dangers, but also by showing its psychological effects. We are left to wonder which has the longer lasting effect—the visible physical scars or the ones on the inside?      In this story the author shows how location plays a big part in how physically

  • The Use Of Symbols In Liam OFaherty's Civil War

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    family as a basic unit of society. O’Flaherty uses the sniper’s revolver to symbolize the sniper’s remorse for his frenzied actions in battle. After he kills his opponent, he looked at “the smoking revolver in his hand, and with an oath he hurled it to the roof at his feet” (O’Flaherty 3). By throwing the revolver, he signifies ridding himself of the “lust of battle” (O’Flaherty 3) The revolver represents the impulsive and destructive nature of battle. O’Flaherty also wrote “His teeth chattered, he

  • Analysis Of ' The Sniper ' By Liam O ' Flaherty

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    Shakespeare, Stephen King, and Mark Twain are all examples of these outstanding writers. One would be wise to include the Irish novelist Liam O’Flaherty in this list. Joseph Burger (1984) describes Liam O’Flaherty as a key figure in the Irish Renaissance. His stories, such as “Return of the Brute” and “The Informer,” generally include the theme of war. O’Flaherty has served in Ireland’s armed forces, which gives him experience on the topic of war. He typically relates his stories’ settings to Ireland

  • Analysis Of The Sniper By Liam OFaherty

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    Modern research has shown that when people come back from war, they may act different, for instance having PTSD; post dramatic stress disorder. Although Liam O’Flaherty wrote “The Sniper” 94 years ago, he still addresses the lingering effects of war, such as causing families to rip apart. He tells the tragically ironic tale of a lone Sniper unknowingly killing his brother. It is through O’Flaherty’s use of setting, characterization, and internal conflict to show that war often disconnects people

  • The Scarlett and the Black Essay

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    Kappler and Monsignor O’Flaherty represent the powers of evil and good respectively. Throughout the film, the forces of good and evil turn from working against each other, to coming more close together and good eventually overcoming