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  • What Was The Expansion Of The Westward Expansion

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    deserts and mountains. It’s an amazing achievement since it lowered the traveling time to just a few days compared to the months. After a long six years, the first United States transcontinental railroad was completed. The ceremony date was on the golden

  • The Purpose Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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    The Transcontinental Railroad Have you ever seen a railroad? Well, there was a time when railroads were desperately needed. This was the time of the Transcontinental Railroad. In my paper I will explain the purpose of the railroad, challenges the workers faced, and the results of the finished railroad. To start, I will explain the purpose of the Transcontinental railroad. In Source #1”Full Steam Ahead The Transcontinental Railroad”, it says “People had been asking for coast-to-coast rail travel

  • How Did Workers Hammered The Golden Spike

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    workers hammered the "golden spike" into the rail road tracks at Promontory Point, Utah. That was the spot were the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railways met to form rail tracks that could carry passenger from the Missouri river to the Pacific Ocean the railroad helped cut a five-month wagon journey to six days! Some experts say the day the spike was driven is one of the most inportant days in US history. Do you agree. On May 10 1869, workers hammered the "golden spike" into the rail road tracks

  • Media Plan For Izze Sparkling Soda

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    our advertisements on the weekday morning drive time from 6am to 10am and on weekends from 7pm to midnight. The vehicles chosen for Internet are the websites iTunes, ESPN and iHeart Radio. For Cable Television services we have chosen the vehicles Spike TV, Food Network and ION. There are numerous reasons why we decided to put the largest emphasis on radio. For one, our demographic is males 18-34 and according to the PowerPoint, we learned that males at that age are a

  • Analysis Of James Joyce 's ' Araby '

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    In the short story Araby, James Joyce provides the audience with a glimpse if 19th century Ireland seen through the eyes of an adolescent young man. It is this adolescence and the navies of the world that is under attack. Joyce masterfully reveals an innocence held by Araby by contrasting it with a setting filled with symbology that eludes to the hopeless reality in which he lives. Joyce injects a sense of unrealized bleakness for the protagonist by the imagery that he puts forth. “North Richmond

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Analysis

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    The tenth episode of season four of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is known as one of the most interesting episodes of the show’s entire screening. Over many years of its showtime, Buffy has gained tremendous popularity. The show gained credibility throughout the years since the pilot episode in 1997 and was even nominated for an Emmy. The episode “Hush” includes an occasional antagonist who are formerly known as “The Gentlemen” who take the voices of Sunnydale. Although the entire show is known

  • Hugh Character Analysis

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    Buffy and her gang were able to capture the hearts of fans all around the world because everyone could relate to them. They faced everyday problems like high school drama, studying for a final, and boyfriends. They also kept secrets from the people around them. They were not always honest with each other. The show is considered to be a metaphor for adolescence and young adulthood. Their high school is located in Sunnydale, California which is a "Hellmouth." This is a place full of evil and demonic

  • Emily Dickinson's As We Grow Accustomed To The Dark

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    Sight to Soul Most people depend on their sight to guide their path, but what if they lose their sense of sight? What would they do? Emily Dickinson’s vision grew poorer and poorer as she aged due to writing poems in the dim light of the night. She wrote two poems related to sight, but there was a much deeper meaning to the both of them. Sometimes people with the ability of sight are blinded as to someone who is blind can see clearly. People can not always depend on their eyes to lead their path

  • The Discovery Of The Movie ' Orion '

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    THE TAKEN WAR It was night, Orion looked at Crota’s unmoving corpse as it lay still in the dark area. It had been 20 years since Eris had returned to tell the tale. She had told of the Darkness arriving on the moon and creating an army of Hive who had destroyed countless worlds. She had told how she and five other guardians had travelled to the moon and descended down the deep pits of the Hive nest. The story kept going as the guardians arrived at an open area called the Hellmouth. Then

  • The Act Of Speaking And Communication In Hush In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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    The act of speaking and communicating are two very distinct actions. It is a common misconception that the only way to communicate with someone is by verbally speaking to them; but how would people communicate if one lost the ability to speak? The episode “Hush” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer-- an Emmy nominated series-- displays the relationship between talking and communicating, when evil creatures called The Gentlemen steal the voices of the citizens of Sunnydale. Buffy and her friends finds ways