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  • Observational Study On Algorithms On The Social Networks

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    OBSERVATIONAL STUDY ON ALGORITHMS On exploring Link prediction on the social networks, it lead to various studies in terms of its nature and its peculiarities. As we all know that Social Network is dynamic in nature. New links comes into picture and new relations are formed in later times. Based on the approach we assign the weight to each link from the starting node and ending node. Score (A, B) between the node A and B. The ranks between the pairs (A, B) and (X, Y) is the shortest path in G. One

  • Observational Study Studies

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    All studies possess case definitions and epidemiologists build on that to find information about populations with such cases. These cases are described and analysed accordingly. To identify the causes of the case, the epidemiologists compares the rate of the situations in an affected population to a deserving category of individuals (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). Hence, my work will analyse your observational report and compare it to mine at some points. For the type of study

  • Target Store Observation

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    The purpose of experimental design is to conduct a simple observational data of Wal-Mart and Target store daily sales and marketing strategies. Furthermore, to see, if when coupons are offered for one particular Apple and Samsung products if the customer would purchase the goods and increase the company daily bottom line of profit and revenues. Per Writer, (2010) “To do so, you will need to determine what makes your business unique and incorporate this feature into your marketing strategy. By making

  • Adherence To NOAC Therapy: A Case Study

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    availability as OTC drug. Differences in the descriptive charaterstics might be explained by the fact that NOACs might be prescribed to patients who have unmet need after warfarin therapy, this might lead to potential channeling or selection bias, in our study we did not control the selection bias using propensity

  • Laboratory Testing Versus Point Of Care Testing Essay

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    Laboratory Testing Versus Point of Care Testing in the Emergency Department Overcrowding and increased length of stay (LOS) in emergency departments (ED) has contributed to a rise in patient mortality, medical errors, and deficient patient outcomes (Li et al., 2015). The mean LOS for ED patients in the United States is currently 232 minutes (Rathlev et al., 2012). A crucial contributing factor to LOS in the ED is the required turnaround time (TAT) for conventional laboratory results. However,

  • Reducing Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections : A National Patient Safety Imperative

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    article provides a short explanation regarding central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) and CLABSI related deaths that occur annually in the US. A national campaign, ‘On the CUSP,’ is briefly discussed. This was a collaborative cohort study of 1,071 adult intensive care units (ICUs) in 44 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. Their goal was to evaluate the impact of the ‘On the CUSP’ campaign in relation to CLASI reduction. Extensive education and training was provided prior and during

  • Essay On Fluid Consumption In Race

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    first observational study led by Stuempfle, took place in California, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was a 161- km race and sixteen runners were recruited to take part.3 Nutrient intakes were taken during the race. All participants were interviewed before, during, and after the race. Also, a survey was sent out post- race to make sure things were recorded properly. Nutritionist Pro software is what the researchers used to figure out nutrient composition of the food and drinks. This study found

  • The Importance Of Observational Studies

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    Observational studies have inherent value in obtaining knowledge of the progression and prognosis of disease without interventions. There are two types of observational studies, prospective studies which follow a patient through the progression of their disease and retrospective studies which study data collected from patient histories and previous studies (Helmchen, 2011, pg 175). Observational studies must be carefully considered due to the potential for exploitation of subjects, as most do not

  • Observational Study Essay

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    Observational studies benefit us by providing essential evidence about our health and the best way to improve it. One way researchers do this, is by using personal information for the public good. In order to do it the correct way they must meet be high in ethical guidelines. The National Ethics Advisory Committee has listed the ethical guidelines as “respect for people, justice, fairness, and integrity” (“Code of Rights”) as the common ethic guidelines that every investigator should follow when

  • A Qualitative Observational Study

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    A study on the dietary data of about 487,375 people in China found that eating spicy food can reduce a person's mortality risk by 14 percent. Published in the British Medical Journal this month, the expansive observational study followed the diets of nearly half-a-million people. The research, conducted by an international team led by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, took place over seven years during which 20,224 of its subjects died. SPICY FOODS CAN REDUCE RISK OF DEATH BY 14% In a statement