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  • The Life of a Brittle Starfish Essay

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    reported on within the following text, is the Brittle Stars. The Brittle Star is also called the serpent star and a common name for a large group of echinoderms closely related to the starfish. These organisms make up the class Ophiuroidea; another common name for ophiuroidea is snake stars. These organisms can be found in all oceans but are more abundant in the Tropics. Brittle stars can come in different colors. 2.0 General Features Their bodies have a central disk that is demarcated from

  • Echinodermata Research Paper

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    Echinodermata is comprised of 5 classes which encompass a wide variety of species, it is estimated that there are 6500 extant species with the majority of them being marine (Pechenik, 2005). The 5 classes include Asteroidea these are the sea stars, Ophiuroidea the brittle stars, Echinoidea the sea urchins, Holothuroidea the sea cucumbers and Crinoidea the sea lilies and feather stars. There is a rich fossil record for the phylum Echinodermata due to their possession of calcareous ossicles. These calcareous

  • Taking a Look at Kingdom Animalia

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    Animals share certain characteristics such as being heterotrophs, multicellular, no presence of cell walls, and many more. Animals can further be divided through the use of a phylogeny, which is an evolutionary tree. A phylogeny shows patterns of relationships between several different types of species. When branching off to dissimilar species, characteristics are taken accounted for whether they are derived, ancestral, or shared traits. Traits include symmetry, tissues, segmentation, body cavities