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  • Paramedics Research Paper

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    History of Paramedics Prior to the 1970’s, ambulances were staffed as basic life support (BLS) type units. They would transfer people on a basic level of transport performing “non invasive” interventions. The people who staffed this units were not called EMT’s at this time however were called Ambulance Attendants. They were severed with little medical training and only performed routine interventions. In 1966 there was an article called “The Accidental Death and Disability Report” also called “White

  • Paramedic Medical Skills

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    Paramedic clinical skill demonstration As part of assessment for CSB330, students worked in small groups to demonstrate and record the correct application of ambulance equipment and perform five clinical skills. These skills were: Neann Immobilisation Extrication Jacket (NIEJ), Carbon Traction Emergency Medical Services (CT-EMS) traction splint, Pelvic Circumferential Compression Device (SAM pelvic sling), Oropharyngeal airway (OPA) and Nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) and Stiffneck cervical collar/soft

  • Community Paramedic Benefits

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    The Economic Benefit of Community Paramedics Paramedics and EMTs alike work twenty four hours a day, every day of the year. These highly trained individuals respond to 9-1-1 calls all over the country keeping citizens safe from harm. Unfortunately this same service is abused by many individuals who tax the system and slow down response times. Recently, many state government officials began to propose community paramedic programs where patients can be evaluated and even treated at home depending

  • Paramedic Career Essay

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    The job of a paramedic is very gruesome but rewarding career. 7000,000 EMTs in the U.S. treat 25 to 30 million patients annually(“How to become Paramedic/EMT”). Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic was founded in the 1970s by two doctors. The EMS program was taught by nurses and physicians(Edgerly). Paramedics have the most advanced level of training(OccupationalOutlookHandbook). In the 1970s two doctors , Walt Stoy, PhD and Nancy Caroline, MD; and others in Pittsburg founded Emergency Medical

  • Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP)

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    A recently graduated working paramedic is referred to as an Advanced Care Paramedic, or an ACP. An ACP follows a clinical structure, the first aspect of the format is called a primary survey which collects all emergency patient information. This compulsory technique aims to identify and control catastrophic medical events to ensure patients have the best outcome possible (Hodegetts et al., 2011). When conducting a primary survey of a patient an ACP would follow the basic structure of danger, response

  • Flight Nurses and Fligh Paramedics

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    Background Summary Flight nurse’s and Flight Paramedics performs as members of an aeromedical crew on helicopters (rotor wing), and airplanes (fixed wing) aircraft, providing for in-flight management and care for all types of patients. Responsibilities of this job include the planning and preparation of flight, safety, evaluation of an individual patient's in-flight needs and request appropriate medications, supplies, and equipment to provide continuing care from origination to the destination facility

  • The Importance Of Becoming A Paramedic

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    In the future, I would like to become a paramedic. I think back to the time when I was 10 and I has been in an ATV accident, being the little boy that I was, I was terrified. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me then I hear the sirens and paramedics come racing to the scene. Since that day it was clear I want to be able to help people when the unthinkable happens. There are a lot of reasons someone may want to enter this profession. Some want to make a difference in their community, like

  • Compare And Contrast Mental Health And Paramedic

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    and a Paramedic. This report will look at the different registrations, codes of conduct and more. As both professions work for the NHS, it will be interesting to see the difference between roles, responsibilities and how each profession becomes fully trained. A professional is a member of a disciplined group, who must stick to certain ethical standards. They will be skilled and competent in their line of work; this will be there way of income rather than a hobby or volunteering. Paramedic & Mental

  • My Vocation And Passion Is To Be A Paramedic

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    My vocation and passion is to become a paramedic. During my adolescent years, a close relative with complex health needs was cared for and treated by paramedics. The idea of a profession which would utilise problem-solving abilities has always interested and encouraged me to pursue a career as a paramedic. Having had the opportunity to observe frontline paramedics has inspired me to be part of a dedicated and dynamic team. As I have had employment in Accident and Emergency and a doctor’s surgery

  • Professional Paramedic Personal Statement

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    In the near future I aspire to embark on a career as a qualified professional Paramedic with a successful degree. I want to aid people in threatening and non-threating life situations at my extreme personal best. My curiosity and willingness to help others arose due to a personal loss, thus wanting to study paramedic science at university level and be part of the NHS; a place where life, love and loss unfolds every single day. My recent voluntary work at Robert Harvey Nursing Home gave me direct