People on the autistic spectrum

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  • How Social Communication Affects People On The Autistic Spectrum

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    The triad of difficulties are areas in which people on the Autistic spectrum may be affected. They are social communication, social interaction and social imagination. Social communication affects the individuals ability to to develop and learn language skills. In addition, individuals may struggle to use language inappropriately or out of context. Some children may never speak at all, while others may hit all necessary communication milestones before regressing. Others may make use of echolalia

  • 378 LD310 Understand how to support individuals with autistic spectrum conditions

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    378 (LD310).1 Understand the main characteristics of autistic spectrum conditions... 1.1 Explain why it is important to recognise that each person on the autistic spectrum has their own individual abilities, needs, strengths, gifts and interests... When dealing with individuals with autistic spectrum it is important that you treat them as individuals as each person likes and dislikes different things if you treat each individual as the same this could course upset with the person as they may not

  • NVQ 3 Essay

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    Understand how to support individuals with autistic spectrum conditions. Understand the main characteristics of autistic spectrum conditions. 1.1 It is important to recognise that each person on the autistic spectrum has their own individual abilities, needs, strengths, gifts and interests because no two individuals are the same. People on the autistic spectrum have their own set of unique characteristics and vary from one to another in terms of their abilities. Some clients may have similar

  • Introductory Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions Essay

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    Introductory awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions Understand the areas in which individuals with an autistic spectrum conditions characteristically have difficulties 1.1. Describe the types of difficulty that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may have with language and other ways of communicating The effects of autism on communication are extremely varied. Most individuals do not have any trouble with pronunciation. The problems lie in using language effectively.

  • How Does Autism Affect The Development Of Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

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    specific genetic factors associated with the development of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Research has shown that autism shows up when big chunks of

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder And Autism

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    Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism is a form of “ASD,” Autism Spectrum disorder and is experienced all around the world. Autism is a developmental disorder that consists of many neurodevelopmental disorders of the brain. People with autistic disorder think and act in different ways than most people. There are many different forms of autism spectrum disorder that include the pervasive development disorder, Asperger syndrome, and autistic disorder. These disorders are called spectrum disorders because

  • Kelly Hunter Representation Of Autism

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    generation has seen the evolution of media representation. As our generation continues to advance and take on careers in casting and media representation we are able to challenge every previous ideal about what people want to see on stage and screen. The stages and screens are meant to be a place for people to come view reflections of our society and societies spanning the globe. 2016 is set to break previous boundaries for actors with autism. The representation of autism began its development as a way for

  • Essay On Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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    undiagnosed. Autism Spectrum disorder is a disease process that hinders an individual’s ability to interact and communicate. Autistic Spectrum Disorder is both a genetic and neurological disorder with its cause being of mostly unknown etiology. The severity of the symptoms vary widely and can include, repetitive behavior, obsessive behavior, difficulty interacting with others, and difficulty with communication. Clinical diagnosis is required to discover if an individual has Autism. Some people are more predisposed

  • Outline The Condition Of Autism

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    developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others. Autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently to other people. If you are autistic, you are autistic for life; autism is not an illness or disease and cannot be 'cured'. Often people feel being autistic is a fundamental aspect of their identity.―(1) It goes on to state: “Autism is a spectrum condition. All autistic people share certain difficulties, but being autistic will affect them in different

  • The Effects Of Autism On Children 's Children

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    February 2016 Autistic Children Life can be troubling, confusing, aggravating, although it can also be delightful, happy, and relaxing. Knowing someone with autism can lead to more confusion, but a child that has autism can be even worse. Commonly people aren’t aware that their child is autistic or that someone around them is autistic. Classifying children as autistic is done correctly and incorrectly every day, because autism has just become recognized and isn’t commonly known by most people and doctors