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  • The Great Civilization Of Athens

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    The plague of Athens led to the death and destruction of not only a mass of people, but the entire civilization. This cataclysmic event that ended the great civilization of Athens has inspired countless authors to write about it. Starting at the beginning of 431 BCE, historian Thucydides wrote his take on it. In his work, “The History of the Peloponnesian War,” Thucydides discussed the social and political consequences of the plague; a personal account on the experiences he lived through. Anywhere

  • The Plague of Athens Essay

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    systems, and other important factors were said to have brought about the plague. It first appeared in the south of Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, and later on in the Persian Empire, and Rome before arriving in Athens . The disease attacked the population of Piraeus and then travelled to

  • The Necessity of Roles in Ancient Athens Essay

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    The Necessity of Roles in Ancient Athens The dramatic growth of ancient Athens from a powerful polis to an Aegean Empire was a result of the hierarchy in ancient Athens. The roles of the people played a big part in this advancement. Therefore, the roles in ancient Athens were very structured and rigid. The male citizens worked very hard politically, while they left the women with the task of bearing children, and the slaves with the backbreaking physical work that allowed the city to function.

  • The Piraeus With Glaucon, By Plato

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    “I went down yesterday to the Piraeus with Glaucon…” this is the part of the first sentence from the Republic which was written as in the dialogue form by ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Through the book Plato tried to define the meaning of the justice. As Plato said in his dialogue with Adeimantus, it is better that defining the justice in the State in which we could see justice in the larger quantity: first, it is appearing in the State, and the individual comes second. Plato was defining the

  • The Corfu Incident and the League of Nations

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    In Italy Anti-Greek demonstrations broke out. Italians asked for a complete official apology from the Greek government, military honors for the bodies of the victims, full honors by the Greek fleet to the Italian fleet which would be sent to Piraeus (Greek harbor), a solemn funeral in the catholic cathedral in Athens in the presence of all the Greek Government, punishment for the guilty, an indemnity of 50 million lire within five days and a strict inquiry, to be carried out quickly with the

  • Effects Of The Peloponnesian War

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    final battle in 405 B.C.E., which was located near Hellespont. Sparta required Athens to give up their battleships and naval forces, surrender their city and territories to Spartan rule and monitoring, and allow their walls leading to the port at Piraeus to be knocked down. The dominance of Sparta in ancient Greece was now clearly

  • Implementation Of The Greek Regulatory Framework Against Money Laundering

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    obstacles have arisen in obtaining relevant information, given that restrictions on publication of information relating to money laundering issues have been imposed. As a matter of fact, it is considered appropriate that “National Bank of Greece” and “Piraeus Bank”, two major Greek banks, which undertake numerous high-volume transactions, to be subject to examination as to whether they have acted with sufficient diligence to ensure the adoption of required measures in their compliance policy against money

  • The Industrial Revolution In The Great Euro Revolution: The Great Euro Revolution

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    Why the Industrial Revolution happened here: This video explores two fascinating questions - why did the industrial revolution happen when it did, and why did it happen in Britain? Professor Jeremy Black investigates thoroughly one of the most extraordinary and important periods in British history: the Industrial Revolution. He explains the unique Social, Economic and Political conditions of the 19th century, which led Britain to become the starting point of industrial revolution. The dawn

  • The Night Time - Original Writing

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    like this one. At this point in time you need to go immediately to Achilles for details. Good Luck. Hector.” I immediately head to Piraeus just outside of Athens where Achilles is. I stumble across Hercules on my way to meet Achilles. I tell Hercules my quest. He tells me that he will help me. Hercules and I head Piraeus to meet Achilles. Once we arrive at Piraeus we meet with Achilles he

  • What Is Bubonic Plague?

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    time the Bubonic Plague had been in Europe. In 430 BC in the city of Athens, Greece was struck with this sickness. This disease began in Ethiopia and then went on into Libya and Egypt. When it eventually made its way to Athens, it first infected the piraeus