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  • Old Chief V. US Supreme Court Case Study

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    (2) the relevance, under Rule 401, of the name evidence is not affected by the availability of alternative proofs of the prior-conviction element, such as an admission by the accused; thus, if such name evidence is to be held inadmissible in the presence of other evidence, then the exclusion must rest not on the ground that the other evidence has rendered the name evidence "irrelevant," but on the character of the name evidence as unfairly prejudicial, cumulative, or the like, its relevance notwithstanding

  • The Relevance Of Hamiltonian Economics Today

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    The Relevance of Hamiltonian Economics Today Alexander Hamilton set the economic precedent for the future with his thoughts on the Government 's role in managing debt and the economy in constitutional America. Alexander Hamilton 's voices his plea for a National bank in his persuasive essay “For the Banks” (See Document 1), stressing that it was essential in post-Revolutionary America. Hamilton and his party thought a large federal government was necessary due to the flaws they noticed in the Articles

  • Shakespeare 's Heart Of Darkness

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    Relevance of Heart of Darkness Alexander Spirovski LITR 211 Professor David Auchter   Joseph Conrad 's Heart of Darkness contains both relevant and irrelevant elements to today 's society. Issues present in the text such as imperialism, racism, and moral ambiguity are still present today but their formats have changed enough in society that Heart of Darkness approaches obsolescence in perspective. Concurrently, the characters and theme presented in Heart of Darkness are scarce in fictional British

  • The Australian Judicial System

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    Within the context of the Australian judicial system, all legal proceedings are subject to certain rules regarding the admissibility of evidence. In the mid 1990’s, the existing rules of evidence were replaced by the Uniform Evidence Act’s, as a means whereby consistency of decision making could be better observed. These new rules lay out standards which must be strictly adhered to, to ensure that the rights of both parties to a case are respected, allowing for a fair trial to take place. The specific

  • The Law On Bad Character Evidence Should Be Treated With Caution

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    The quote derived form the Commission report suggests that bad character evidence should be treated with caution. In order to properly engage in the question one must first get a view of the evolution of the law on bad character evidence. Prior to the Criminal Justice Act 1989, (CJA 1989) at common law the accused was entitled to show evidence of his good character for the purpose of suggesting the he was less likely to have committed the offence. This evidence was only confined to evidence of reputation

  • Legal Case Analysis Essay

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    Legal Case Analysis 1. In this matter I am asked to advise those instructing me as to whether the prosecution can adduce evidence of a written statement of a witness unwilling to testify at trial and secondly how her evidence might be presented if she decides to give evidence at trial. 2. I understand that Chrissie lives within close proximity to the scene of the crime and is in fact a ‘next door neighbour’. 3. Anterior to Chrissie’s involvement, the victim, Bella, was attacked in her

  • What Is The Hearsay Rule?

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    What is the Hearsay Rule? The hearsay rule is based inherently on the concise definition of hearsay. In this regard, hearsay can be defined as any statement other than that made by an individual in the process of testifying at a hearing or trial, which is offered for purposes of affording evidence of truth pertaining to a particular matter. According to the Cornell University Law School (2014), the hearsay rue is the rule that prohibits out of court statements from being admitted as evidence at

  • Essay on Laws of Evidence

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    Memorandum To: From: Date: 08/31/2012 Re: Laws of Evidence Assignment #2 Statement of Assignment You have asked me to analyze and determine whether the evidence that prosecution would like to introduce at trial can be admitted based on the Federal Rules of Evidence. Pursuant to your request, this memo includes my analysis, reasoning, and conclusions regarding the admissibility of such evidence. Statement of Facts The defendant was prosecuted for the murder of his wife. The victim’s body

  • A Dividend Payment For Shareholders

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    A dividend is the part of a firm`s earnings that are paid to the shareholder, either in monetary terms or as shares. In the UK, dividends are paid by UK-quoted companies semi-annually and are taxed depending on an individual`s income (Arnold, 2008 & GOV.UK, 2015). According to the Financial Times (2015) however, a dividend payment to shareholders is not an obligation, in fact a business`s board of directors are able to opt whether they desire to make a dividend payment or not, depending mostly on

  • Joey As A 9 Year Old Boy Essay

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    it might be said I Competence & Compellability of Joey as a 9-Year Old Boy Section 12 of the Evidence Act provides the rules concerning the competence and compellability of witnesses that are called to adduce evidence for a party to a proceeding. The section states that ‘every person is competent to give evidence’ and that ‘a person who is competent to give evidence about a fact is compellable to give that evidence’. With regards to children, there is no blanket rule regarding the competence of