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  • Restrepo Analysis

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    “Holy shit we’re not ready for this” Aaron HijarTim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger 2010 award -winning documentary film Restrepo: One Platoon, One Valley, One Year, chronicle one year of the Second Platoon, Battle Company branch of the United States Army ; during their station at the Korangal Valley and the impact it had on them. The film opens with a bunch of joyful soldiers a week before deployment and attitudes within the plane are ecstatic and full of youthful naivety and optimism but as the

  • As Outside The Bones And Delirium By Lyn Di Iorio And Laura Restrepo

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    spectrality and ghostliness while analyzing the social context entitled as Outside the Bones and Delirium. Moreover, the paper signified the role of women and their mystical powers based on their personal reflections. Analysis Lyn Di Iorio and Laura Restrepo in their respective novels have managed to provide an overview that how supernatural and mystical powers and entities can change the life and perspective of individuals. Both of the novels entitled as Outside the Bones and Delirium are having a similar

  • Summary Of The Documentary Restrepo '

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    The Documentary Restrepo was made to look dirty, gritty and real. They achieved this by using unexpected images and techniques, also known apparent image Spontaneity. Apparent image spontaneity is a blend assumption and spontaneity, best described though example. One example of image spontaneity in Restrepo occurs in the scene where the local Afghan leaders and US soldiers sat on the floor of a local’s home and discussed issues.T His scene is shot with an unsteady jerky camera and when the camera

  • Analysis Of The Film Restrepo

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    The documentary Restrepo shares the same idea behind the words of the 31st president, Herbert Hoover, stating that “older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.” Hoover argues that most draftees do not have a choice but to participate in the war they are drafted to, regardless of whether the means of battle are perilous or if they have no incentive or purpose in fighting in the war. The youth are fighting not for their own causes or reasons, but for the ones of the older generation

  • Pascual Restrepo Violence

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    Pascual Restrepo writes an article in the Sunday Review of the New York Times that discusses the connection between violence and history. Restrepo explores the history of Canada and its laws that were put into place when people began to settle in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounter Police, commonly called Mounties, established forts across Canada that enforced laws and controlled violence. These forts were spread out, but did not reach all of the settlements. These areas outside of the reach of the

  • Restrepo: American Soldiers In The Korengal Valley

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    specifically in Afghanistan, enables one to learn more about war and its realities. In the film Restrepo, one gets the opportunity to learn about the deployment of a platoon of American soldiers in the Korengal Valley, in Afghanistan. While watching the documentary, one learns that “this film is an entirely experiential film: the cameras never leave the valley; there are no interviews with generals or diplomats” ("Restrepo," n.d.). This film begins with the deployment of American soldiers to Afghanistan. The

  • My Grandma's Journey From Colombia To The Garden State

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    A rigorous journey from Colombia to the Garden State Moving to a different place is exciting but for my grandma was the complete opposite. In 1979, at the age of 38 years old, my grandma, Ruby Arzayus, made the decision to move to the United States. Leaving her two little blessings back home, she made the decisions to move to the states because she wanted to give both of her daughters a better future. Growing up, I have been close to my grandma but I have never asked her about her voyage to the

  • Essay Identidad en la multitud errante by Laura Restrepo

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    (pg. 30 electrónico). Los dos tienen obsesiones que no coinciden. Ambos persiguen a una persona que esta diez pasos adelante; un fantasma. Coinciden el hecho de que los dos son peregrinos, los dos son desplazados. Aquí es donde pienso que Laura Restrepo intenta romper con el esquema clásico o común del mundo sedentario y el tercer mundo. Aquí uno puede relacionar esta rotura con la pareja. Siete por tres busca un lugar donde sea posible vivir. Huye de la violencia, huye del hambre, y ella, que viene

  • The Culture Of Hispanic Americans Essay

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    It is well known that the United States is made up of several different cultures and the health care system delivers care to a very diverse population. However, depending on ones culture-receiving care may be a challenge at times. In this paper we are going to take a closer look at the culture of Hispanic Americans. The Hispanic population has grown to over 55 million residents with in the United States in 2015, with an estimated growth rate of 2.1% per year (Krogstad & Lopez, 2015). Making this

  • Professional Communication : Cultural Sensitivity

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    Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Cultural sensitivity in health care is a very important component that helps health care providers to give the best care according to the patient`s cultural background and needs. Being cultural sensitivity does not just mean giving medications and helping them physically, but it goes beyond that. Communicating with them in a manner that they will understand well and respond appropriately is very vital. For example, in Hispanic or African culture,