Ritsuko Akagi

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  • Why I Don 't Want Die !

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    I don’t want to die! As I repeat those words in my mind I know help isn’t coming this isn’t unit 02 the one place I always feel warm and safe, I know I’m dying I can feel every punch even from the inside as unit 04’s pink fist smash against the metal of unit Alpha the UN’s test prototype, it feels awful every blow is utter agony. It’s so dark inside this entry plug it’s like hell I have no control over anything there are no controls anymore they vanished into nothing and my hands are not touching

  • Shinji Reflection

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    Shinji is the pilot of Eva-01 and is the main protagonist of Evangelion. He is known for being a coward by many anime fans but after watching the series myself I have to disagree with that, I mean he did run away a lot of times but that's because of the burden that was given to him so suddenly, he was expected to pilot a gigantic machine that he had never seen before and was forced to fight extremely powerful monsters known as "Angels". Of course anyone would be scared and try to run away from that