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  • Life Of Pi And Life Of Pi

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    A boy lost at sea and a man captured by pirates, who knew they could be so similar? Both of these characters experience hardships, that they have to overcome. Pi is a boy from The Life of Pi who got stranded in the middle of the ocean and Phillip Ashton is a man who was captured by pirates in 1722 but escapes and waits in the Caribbean until he is saved. In the novel Life of Pi, the main character Pi is similar to the castaway Philip Ashton because they both survive tragic incidents, lose their families

  • Roatan Research Paper

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    Bay Islands consist of the three islands of Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila as well as the smaller islands of Barbareta, Morat, St. Helena, plus 53 cays. These form a small archipelago which lies along the world’s second largest barrier reef. Roatan is its jewel, and the largest at 45 miles long and about three miles wide. The island, which was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, is the top of a granite mountain rising from the sea. This gives Roatan its lush, hilly landscape, which offers dramatic

  • Characteristics Of Mangroves Of Roatan And The Bay Island

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    LIVING ZONES The area around Roatan and the Bay Islands is considered to be a Tropical Humid Forest. This area of life is restricted to narrow lowlands and covers coastal plains. The flora that integrates the vegetation of the area has characteristics and morphological features which include trees, shrubs, and grasses; as well as an evergreen, deciduous phenology. VEGETABLE ECOSYSTEMS Mangroves estuaries, coastal lagoons, and Mangrove wetlands are found throughout Roatan and its surrounding islands

  • Trash Pollution In Guatemala

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    Roatán Island off the edge of Guatemala has recently discovered a five-mile-long pile of trash. The heavy rains from the hurricanes this past fall is where this trash has come from. Guatemala’s government doesn’t have a formal garbage collection. Roatán Island is located about fifteen miles off the edge of Guatemala. Trash pollution is becoming worse and worse in the Caribbean. Trash in ocean is harming more than 600 species worldwide. From what we can tell from the photos of the trash in Roatán

  • Write An Essay On Honduras

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    As a result, they become lazy and they take the easy way by stealing and use many other ways to make money. One woman from the U.S. was attacked after she traveled to Roatan on Carnival Cruise-line to dive. Here are her comments,"I ..i am female..came to roatan to dive and was basically attacked by 3 local men on this island. They assaulted me then robbed me... I heard them discussing kidnapping me for a ransom..or selling me to a slave be taken out

  • Cultural Commodification InThey Are Taking Our Culture Away

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    Abstract “They Are Taking our Culture Away” by Elisabeth Kirtsoglou and Dimitrios Theodossopoulos discusses the Garifuna community and their struggle with cultural commodification and how their community handles and tries to fix it. Throughout “They are Taking our Culture Away” Elisabeth and Dimitrios looked at the many ways the Garifuna are being commodified. Within this paper what they researched will also be discussed and also what can be done to help preserve this culture. Commodification as

  • Designing A Social Enterprise That Provides Jobs For Men

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    PRE-INTEVIEW During our first round of interviews, we focused on resort shop owners and boutique retailers to determine needs, considerations, volume, product selection, price points, and target customer. For the second round of interviews, I worked with Josh Larson to identify the areas in which we need more support and who would be the best resource for each area. We decided to focus on online sales, tourists purchase behavior, and manufacturing. Of the three, we knew that the manufacturing

  • High School Football Research Paper

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    This is what the airplane in my mandala represents. Traveling is something i wish i could do the rest of my life. I have been to Roatan, Honduras, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas. Roatan was my favorite place of them all. I wish i would have never come back and i want to move there and live in my dad's beach house. A couple places i want to go are africa, bora bora, and italy. When i graduate high school i

  • The Importance Of The Natural World

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    Isla Roatan was beautiful once you got away from the tourist area, we watched so many people get wrapped up in that one spot they forgot about the natural wonder around them. To book an excursion to go on a nature walk, or snorkeling was astronomically priced

  • La Isla De Cozumel Research Paper

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    La Isla de Cozumel lies 12 miles off the coast of playa del carmen on the east coast of Mexico. The small island is only 30 miles long, but is home to some of the most beautiful flora, fauna, scenic landscapes, and beaches on the planet. Cozumel is a favorite tourist destination, but more specifically a favorite within the SCUBA diving community. Cozumel is famed for its vibrant reefs and long stretching drift dives. Drift diving consists of divers entering the water at one location and being pulled