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  • Coretta Scott King

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    Coretta Scott King      Coretta Scott King was born on April 27, 1927 in Heiberger, Alabama. Heiberger was a small segregated town. Coretta’s parents were Obadiah and Bernice Scott. She has an older sister named Edythe and a younger brother, Obie. Coretta was named after her grandmother Cora Scott. Her family was hard working and devoted Christians. Coretta had a strong temper, feared no one and stood up for herself.      Coretta, Edythe and Obie had to walk three miles to an all-black school

  • Coretta Scott King Essay

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    of the problem”(A Quote by Coretta Scott King) Coretta Scott King devoted her life to positive change and was never content to stay silent when she saw injustice. Coretta Scott King was an amazing African-American woman who persevered through many struggles to play a big role in the Civil Rights Movement and carry on her husband's legacy. Biographical Information Coretta Scott KIng was born April 27, 1927 in Heiberger, AL. Her parents Obadiah and Bernice Scott, were farmers and had owned land since

  • Biography Of Coretta Scott King

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    Coretta Scott King, an African American civil rights advocate, was born on April 27th, 1927 in Perry County, Alabama. At a very young age, life for Coretta and her family was very difficult being that her family was more successful than blacks in their area. Her father, Obadiah Scott, was the first African American man to own a truck in this particular area which caused more hatred against their family. Perry County was a very cruel place, Thanksgiving night in 1942 their house was burned to the

  • Coretta Scott King Essay

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    Throughout history many movements have tended to have a founding father and mother. Coretta Scott King portrayed this mother in the American Civil Rights Movement. She embodied all that a woman could want to be as she stood up for her rights and the rights of others. This is what has made her a household name throughout the world and an iconic figure for change. Along with her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta spent a majority of her life fighting for the equal treatment of her people in

  • The Contribution Of Coretta Scott King

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    who you consider an inspiration or hero. Is it someone who is nationally known or is it someone in your personal life? An individual who is truly known for her determination and strength is Coretta Scott King. Coretta was born April 27th, 1927 in Marion, Alabama by her two parents Obadiah and Bernice Scott. She grew up on her parents farm where she hoed and picked cotton for her family to obtain money. As a young child she had a growing interest in singing and music specifically with the violin. She

  • Coretta Scott King: A Civil Rights Activist

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    How many people know that Coretta Scott King fought for 15 years to have her husband's birthday a national holiday ("Coretta Scott King"). Coretta believed that people should have the same rights. So she took a stand and helped other people and other presents she was the first African-American woman to change the rules that black citizens should have the same rights as white citizens. Coretta is a Civil Rights Activist and a Woman’s Activist. Coretta is a Civil Rights Activist and a Woman’s Activist

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Coretta ' The Story Of Coretta Scott King '

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    Summary of the Text: The biography of “Coretta: The Story of Coretta Scott King,” was the first biography made depicting Coretta’s life, goals, and success. The book was written by a close friend of hers whose name is Octavia Vivian. The story tells how Coretta, as a young woman, had grown up in Alabama. She later went to Antioch College, and later found out that she, as a colored young woman, would not be allowed to teach, mix, or mingle with the whites in the state of Ohio. She later explored a

  • Coretta Scott King Research Paper

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    Coretta Scott King Real American Hero A hero to me is somebody that helps people out when they are in trouble. A hero is somebody who gives people strength to go on from life’s difficulties. A hero is also Somebody who saves people's lives when they hit rock bottom. A hero is somebody who will put food on the table, somebody who works hard to pay bills make everybody happy. I also think a hero can be someone who gave up his or her life so another could live. Somebody that helps their kids to become

  • Coretta Scott, Not Just the Wife of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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    probably only know Coretta by being the wife of Martin Luther King Jr. But what about the important things she did for this country? Coretta put her life in danger for believing what she supported and was right. Mrs. King also had programs to stay together with the community. She supported other people’s beliefs and doing that gave some people motivation that anything is possible. People also have to give her credit for even being Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife. His family had to go through a lot with him

  • Maya Angelou Eulogy For Coretta Scott King Rhetorical Analysis

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    Born of Flesh and Destined to Become Iron: Analyzing Rhetorical Moves in Maya Angelou’s Eulogy for Coretta Scott King When Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist and wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., died in 2006, her friend, author and activist Maya Angelou, eulogized her. In her eulogy, Angelou employs anaphora, personal anecdotes, and connotative diction in order to strengthen her pathos and memorialize and celebrate Mrs. King’s long and illustrious life. Throughout the eulogy, Angelou