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  • Star Tragedies: A Career In Film

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    productions have one thing in common they were all produced by University of Southern California alumni. The Trojans as they like to call each other, pride themselves in their world-class dramatic arts and film schools. From humble beginnings, USC's theatre and film departments have grown to become the best arts programs in the world. In 1870, Los Angeles was just a small frontier town of 11,000 people. With no roads, electricity, nor a fire system, the city was home to nothing but settlers trying to

  • George Lucas And Movies: No Future? Essay

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    George Lucas and Movies: No Future?      When looking into the future people see many different things. Whether it be flying cars, buildings floating in the air, or people walking around in space suits, everyone has their own idea. Most of the time when people look into the future they look far into it, not in the next several years. The future is usually defined as twenty or more years beyond the present. Many movies and stories written about the future world seem to have

  • Mini Project

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    ARLT101: 1st Mini-Project Topic Scavenger Hunt of USC Campus and Neighborhood or of Downtown Los Angeles Complete either (A) a scavenger hunt of the USC campus and University Park neighborhood or (B) a scavenger hunt of downtown Los Angeles. At the end of completing your hunt, write a short essay (1 page) in which you explain the most interesting item you discovered by doing this scavenger hunt. Note: The scavenger hunt project should be typed Complete either (A) a scavenger hunt

  • The University Of Southern California

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    There are over one thousand colleges in the U.S, but the University of Southern California is the college to attend for various reasons. USC is a well rounded school that provides a variety of clubs, activities, scholarship opportunities, and academic classes. The faculty and staff of the University of Southern California work hard to make each student that attends successful and well-prepared for the working environment in the near future. The University of Southern California began to develop

  • Exploring Data Sources And Gathering Appropriate Information

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    Texas DPR Construction/ Turner Construction Joint Venture 3 Cumberland Hall Hospital, Hopkinsville, Kentucky DPR Construction/ Turner Construction Joint Venture 4 Springwoods Behavioral Health, Fayetteville, Arkansas Brasfield & Gorrie 5 USC School of Cinematic Arts, CA Hathaway Dinwiddie (Phase 1 & 2) / Matt Construction (Phase 3) 6 City of Hope, Leslie & Susan Gonda Diabetes & Genetic Research Center Expansion DPR Construction 7 Lawrence Memorial Cancer Center, Waterford, Connecticut Suffolk Construction