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  • Analysis Of Sentinel City

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    Sentinel City offers various community services throughout the city. The health clinic offers women sexually transmitted diseases services, birth control, and pregnancy tests (Sentinel, 2017). In City Hall the following services are offered to all residents, childcare services, head start, adoption programs, healthcare assistance, and WIC (Sentinel, 2017). Government programs are also available to the elderly populations, such as assisted living, nursing homes, meals on wheels, and service pets (Sentinel

  • Bigelow Vs Virginia Case Study Summary

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    formed a 12-person Task Force on Substance Abuse, comprising both faculty and students. The team led seminars and mailed pamphlets to spread awareness. President Haas’ campaign was covered favorably by the acclaimed (and fiscally thriving) Daily Sentinel university paper; the paper’s financial success was owed in large part to advertisements for local bars. Displeased with how this could affect his

  • Sentinel City Essay

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    Sentinel City appears to be a primarily urban area with very little open space. The houses are mostly multi-family complexes like apartments, condos, senior and independent living centers, that are constructed from brick. Industrial Heights and Casper Park District have older, more dilapidated buildings that were probably factories years ago. Trash and graffiti are abundant within this area. Nightingale Square and Acer Tech Center have more well taken care of lawns, less graffiti, more historical

  • The Sentinel and 2001: a Space Odyssey

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    story, “The Sentinel” by Arthur C. Clarke. Kubrick has done an astounding job at developing the original short story by combining music with visual images way before it’s time. The film allows its viewers to see the original short story told by Clarke, creatively expanded and elaborated upon in comparison with great detail. Table of Contents Introduction

  • Hospital Sentinel Event

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    NIGHTINGALE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL. RCA (ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS) FOR THE SENTINEL EVENT REPORT HAPPENED ON MAY 14, THURSDAY AT 9:00 AM. 1. SENTINEL EVENT DESCRIPTION. The pre-op nurse told the mother that once Tina (The patient), a 3 years old child, went to the OR, her surgery would take about 45 minutes and then she would go to recovery and she would be there at least one hour

  • Sentinel Communication In Healthcare

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    environments where clinicians can problem solve collectively and care for patients. A recent study conducted by the Joint Commission (2016) indicated that communication errors were the one of the top three root causes of sentinel events consistently year after year. These sentinel events could have been possibly avoided if the healthcare team would have used communication in an effective way. The purpose of this paper is to not only educate the reader on the relationship between communication

  • Sentinel Cancer Case

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    All malignant tumors have tendency to metastasize and OSCC metastasize via lymphatic channel before any route. Sentinel lymph node(SLN) is defined as the first lymph node to which cancer cells are most likely to spread from a primary tumor and oral cancer drains first in neck nodes. Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) is a procedure in which the sentinel lymph node is identified, removed, and examined to determine whether cancer cells are present and can give information regarding spread of tumor.

  • Sample Sentinel Events

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    Sentinel Event A 3 year old girl was admitted to ASU for bilateral myringotomies. The mother informed the pre-op nurse that when her daughter went into the OR she would leave briefly to attend to an older child and return to her daughter before she was released from recovery. However, the mother did not return until 30 minutes after the recovery process and in the meantime the 3 year old girl was released to her father who did not have legal custody due to a divorce. The girl was located within

  • Sentinel Protocol Summary

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    Summary Mistakes in surgery such as wrong-site, wrong-patient, or wrong procedure occur all to often. These events are termed “sentinel events.” A sentinel event can be described as an accident or mistake that occurs in a hospital or other healthcare setting. These events can cause serious injury or death to a patient. Over the past few decades, major organizations such as the Joint Commission and the World Health Organization have put forth policies to try and decrease the incidence of these mistakes

  • Risk Management And Sentinel Events

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    Risk Management and Sentinel Events According to the Joint Commission (2014), a sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence whereby a death or serious physical or psychological injury occurs. Because of their severity, there is an expectation of an immediate investigation and response to the event. In the case study (2014) for analysis, a serious sentinel event occurred with the death of an infant born to a mother with a history of syphilis. While understandably upsetting, a sentinel event can also have