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  • King Arthur : Short Story

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    king, King Arthur was sent floating down a river. He arrived in Avalon where he was spotted by a guy named Hugo. Hugo signaled for two other guys to help get the man out of the water. As they got the man out of the water, Hugo asked “Are you okay, sir?” King Arthur, not knowing where he was, answered “yea, just a few wounds.” Hugo said “Well let’s get you indoors.” They helped Arthur up and brought him into their hut in which all three of them lived. Hugo treated his wounds. The next day, Arthur

  • Essay on The Legend of King Arthur

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    archbishop decided to stage a tournament. The winner of these contest would be England’s greatest warrior and worthy of ascending the throne. Sir Ector’s son Sir Kay became interested in the tournament and he decided to participate in it. Making Arthur come along to help his brother with his weapons, as well to enjoy the spectacle. Once the tournament started Sir Kay noticed his sword was missing, without a sword he would not be allowed to compete in the contest. Arthur immediately rode home and looked

  • Many Beliefs Influence Our Lives Today

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    Many beliefs influence our lives today. In fact one of the most well-known movie series today, was influenced by a belief, called Norse Mythology. That movie series is Lord of the Rings! Many of the main characters and items come from Norse mythology. Such as, the elves, the enchanted rings, the dwarves, and other realms. Most people only know one or two deities from Norse Mythology, like Thor and Loki. While most people in the world are more familiar with the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks, Norse

  • The Sword in the Stone: Disney's Version vs. T.H. White

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    The story of King Arthur is widely known, either his beginnings told in The Sword in the Stone or how he led the Knights of the Round Table. While there are many version of his story T. H. White’s written version and Disney’s animated version of The Sword in the Stone are two of the most recognized versions. Most movies have the ability to embody the original intent of the book they were based upon. Disney’s movie version of T. H. White’s rendition of The Sword in the Stone, however, while portraying

  • The Once And Future King Summary

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    father Sir Ector and accompanies Ector’s son, Sir Kay, who is a very spoiled as a child and is trained to be someday a knight. In Chapter 2, Wart meets the first knight King Pellinore who was on a quest to hunt the “Questing Beast”- head of a serpent, body of a libbard, haunches of a lion. In chapter 3, Wart invites King Pellinore to stay at Sir Ector’s castle but then Merlyn is introduced in the story. Merlyn is a magician which then becomes Wart’s tutor and Kay’s after he was introduced to Sir Ector

  • The Mythology Of Norse Mythology

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    Modern Modifications Changes and alters are bound to happen over long periods of time, right? If it’s a person who you see for the first time in a few years, or even if it’s an inanimate object you have not seen since you were a child. When looking back at that “thing” after a stretch of time, it will rarely seem like it was untouched. Norse Mythology is a great example of this. The way that the gods were presented has changed. Their physical appearance and mentality has changed greatly. The way

  • Thor Hero Archetype

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    Peyton Wineski Mrs. Fleming English 1025-i02 24 October 2017 Thor The Hero In the movie Thor, made in 2011, the main character and beholder of the “Mjolnir” Thor Odinson is the Asgardian God of thunder. He is the controller of the storms, causing rain, wind, thunder, and lightning whenever he wants, using his magical hammer, the “Mjolnir”. Thor displays the hero archetype by showing heart, bravery, and caring for others when he is able to overcome all of the obstacles thrown his way by his father

  • Tarquin Character Analysis

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    How Sir Tarquin Came to Be In the novel Le Morte Darthur: The Winchester Manuscript, the author, Sir Thomas Malory, presents the reader with many diverse villains, one of whom is Sir Tarquin. Through Sir Tarquin’s words, expressions, and actions, Malory portrays Sir Tarquin as a malicious villain who despises one specific character, Sir Lancelot Du Lake. This built up anger and revulsion Sir Tarquin feels towards Sir Lancelot results in Sir Tarquin becoming one of the most dexterous knights in

  • The Importance Of Persistence In Life In DArthur

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    it can be changed. Arthur, Sir Ector, Sir Kay, Archbishop and the nobles how they are given the test of Arthur being the rightful king. Prove himself, Commoners said the final word, the nobles begged forgiveness, and Arthur swore to be a great king. Throughout the obstacles in life that are also in the modern life. Central theme in the section Sword in the Stone is Persistence is necessary to achieve difficult / Impossible good. Arthur proves to Sir-Kay, Sir Ector, and Archbishop that he was

  • How Asatru Is A Religion That Has Close Ties With Norse Mythology

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    Asatru is a religion that has close ties with Norse mythology. The name of the religion, Asatru, is a twofold word that gets it’s meaning from Old Norse. The first half of the word, Asa, means Gods and Goddesses and the second half Tru, means to have faith or belief in. Altogether Asatru means to have faith in the gods. Asatru can be considered part of the Neo-pagan family of religion since it has to do with Norse Heathenism. The beginning of Asatru was not the start of the religion itself yet a