Snowball fight

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  • Narrative Essay About Snowball

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    day, my friend, Scarlett, and I were getting ready to have a fun snowball fight. We are outside in the big snow pile in my front lawn and we decide to start building our snow wall to be protected by the snowballs. Every year we have a snowball fight in one of our lawns. It is kind of our tradition because we do it every year. “Hey, Scarlett, we should put the snowballs we make on a sled so they don't roll away. When we need a snowball, we just grab them from the sled. What do you think?” I smiled

  • The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Essay

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    colder and unpredictable. It could snow one day, freeze overnight and become ice. You must watch out while driving and walking because you might slide. But there is nothing like building a snowman on the school playground or even having a big snow ball fight with your friend. As a kid living in Texas we didn’t get much snow, but when we did we got the best out of it. We would go outside for recess after lunch and make snow angels and throw snow at the teachers. We didn’t have a care in the world. Eventually

  • Master Cake Alternate Ending

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    “Who wants to try some of my hot chocolate?” asked Master Cake, walking towards Danny, who was building a snowman in the middle of the yard. “I do!” shouted Danny, waving his hand in the air. Master Cake walked towards him. Suddenly, he slipped on an icy patch of snow. Trying to stay standing, he slid around, looking like a flamingo trying to walk on a frozen lake. Danny laughed taking the steamy mug when his dad slid by. “Dad, look out!” warned Danny and cringed when Master Cake plowed into the

  • Persuasive Essay About Snow Day

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    awesome snowball fights. The more neighbors you have, the better the day. It’s always nice to have a hot drink when you come in from the cold and hot chocolate is perfect. So, ask your parents if they can make some hot chocolate that will be ready as soon as you come in from your snow day. I always make sure that they put a ton of marshmallows in mine, so that the hot chocolate will be ten times better. A competitive snowball fight is the typical snow day activity. Don’t do the fight late in the

  • A Memorable Event: A Memorable Event

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    Now for the fun part once he made his way outside we all went crazy on him! We were all throwing him snowballs and before u know it he was all completely covered of snow. Good thing my brother had extra pijamas that way my uncle didn't have to be damped and there was just a person less for me to win the pijama competition! Once all that happened we all went

  • Short Story Of A Pumpkin

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    always be honest. It was a snowy, January afternoon several years ago when my brother and I were playing in the snow at my grandparent’s house. I was digging in a massive mountain of snow. I was trying to make a snow bunker for a later planned snowball fight against my big brother. When through the white cascade, I saw a small speck of orange in the sea of white. To my surprise, I dug up a miniature pumpkin that had been withered by the

  • Zero Tolerance Policies Should Not Be Banned

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    In recent years, people everywhere have started to question and criticize zero tolerance policies. People are beginning to realize that zero tolerance policies (as strict as those practiced now) do not belong in universities or colleges. Students do not benefit from these policies and are often hurt by them. This happens through students being punished for minuscule acts, disproportional punishments, and the schools’ obliviousness to the plethora of other less abrasive options available. With these

  • The Day Of The Kitchen

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    the radio out of its place in the closet and commenced the party. ***** Some time afterwards, the bell rang for recess and the children scrambled outside into the snow. At Sheamus’s request, it was quickly decided that they would have an all-out snowball war. Teams were hastily selected and bases speedily built. The small Kindergarten armies squatted behind monstrous mounds of snow and secretively plotted war strategies. Finally, the time came to strike. Everyone rushed out onto the battlefield

  • Personal Narrative: A Day Without Making A Snowman

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    which is the head. After we do that we try to put a scarf around it. Then we added everything else that a snowman needs. When we got bored of that, we decided to have a snowball fight. We built a fort out of snow to protect us from the snow. It’s kind of like that SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob and Patrick have a snowball fight in front of their houses. After we have all that fun building forts, snowmen, and going sledding. We decided it was time to go inside for the night and warm up. My sister

  • Ski Vacation: A Fictional Narrative

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    Olivia slammed the door to her log cabin in Lake Tahoe, she had seen Brooke in the cabin next to hers. Olivia hated Brooke. Her family had lots of money so she would get everything she wanted. Olivia wanted that necklace she’d always seen Brooke wear since her birthday. “I need her necklace! The gold and the diamonds look so good!” Olivia told her brother Simon. “I don’t get why you hate Brooke but at the same time want to be her.” Simon replied. “Jesus Simon! You don’t understand me, you never